Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"""Let Me Be"""

“War.” Humanities only mean to justify their purpose but never truthful to its belief. For far too long we (the human species) have always laid to claim our superiority as the dominant species over all of mother earths inhabitants and we’ve been full of it till now. Hence, our claim towards her (mother earth) , we have even given rise to our own creations. Like the dawn of the ‘industrial revolution’ , computers to AI (artificial intelligence) to even space exploration, we have come a long way since the time of our ‘Four Fathers’ but at what price? Exploiting earth’s natural resources, with an ever decline in moral and social values, and exploitation towards the innocent & the weak?
No doubt, some of these inventions as well as innovations of humanity have not only made life for people better, but in it’s wake it has devastated most of the other earth’s inhabitants .A substantial number of animal & plant species have even vanished in our time of existence. Even the most dominant of species sixty five million years ago, the dinosaurs did not cause this much of negative impact to mother earth except for a giant asteroid that impacted them and they existed for how many millions of years again? Plus their brain was how small again, size of a pea, and how big is our brain?
We have not only done this amount of catastrophe and damage to our mother but we have finally drawn our own path towards destroying our self. Some say it may happen in a certain year but in any ways, we have sown our own seeds of demise.
Purpose is in fact the real reason for why I’m writing. We (the human species) have never realised how important this other dominant race or species that existed along side with the dinosaurs and today with us to. I’ll give you all a clue, it is just outside of everyone’s window if there’s a patch of earth that mother provides unless you get some human trying to build something on it. It may be short, it may be creepy, it may be tall and it very well may be bushy. Their colours range, from red to purple but ‘green’ seems to be their preferred colour of choice. If you have not guessed it by now don’t worry but don’t stop breathing, they provide that to, oxygen. You guess it, “Plants”.
Plants have been till this very day, the most dominant species on the planet. If not for them, even the dinosaurs will cease to exist. Since our time in existence, we have even created and made movies of them like the ‘Happening’ and ‘Avatar’. Director James Cameron even mentioned he gain the idea from Hinduism and Hindu epics. Thus, that brings me back to purpose. People have made box office hits out of them (plants) but did you know that every plant has a purpose of existence as well?
Hinduism, being one of the oldest teachings and ‘a way of life’ known in existence mentions and states; ‘that for every divine Bagavan(God) a plant exist for them. It is even written in the Purans ( sacred Hindu Vedic scriptures). For example, Hindus know that the holy basil or Tulisi is always offered in prayer for none other the Divine Krishna. So in actual fact, plants for Hindus had and have always been a divine part of a Hindus spiritual way of life ie; in prayer and in offering to the Gods.
From a normal person’s point of view, one can even say that plants are in a way, mother earth’s blessing and gift to her breathing inhabitants. Remember purpose, there is one particular plant that its purpose should not and never be taken for granted but her good qualities are never appreciated nor mentioned. She is here merely to serve her purpose but humanity has waged war on her and of her different family members.
Her fall from grace dates back from the early 1920’s and 30’s, and the rise of the ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda. Anti-Ma(?) zealots like Bureau of Narcotics director Harry J. Anslinger damned this plant as ‘the greatest menace to society’ and cracked out lurid propaganda aimed at criminalising its use. In 1937 the Ma(?) Tax Act was passed, banning all together the divine use of this plant.
For a long time, Purans have always been written about the Divine Gods but this plant deserves a Puran all to herself. In her own view and in a voice of her own, with the blessings of her Divine Gurudev “Lord Shiva” , she will now speak about her own true existence. The Real Divine Spiritual existence of her, She’s “Sri Matah G Ganja Ma”:(Ganja)
“Matah G Ganja Ma”:
Namaste, Namaskar & Vanakam. I am the air that you breathe which is called ‘prana’ in yoga. My existence is for the sole purpose of and for my Maha Guru Shiva Shankara. I am here for my Guru and all who wishes to be in my Gurus Divine path. To understand more of my existence, let me bring you ‘manidengal’ (people) back to a time when time itself was of no existence.
It was a moment in the early creations of life that I came to be. My Maha Guru. Lord Shiva just got married to my and the mother of all mothers Amah Parvati. It was a joyous occasion and so all the divine Gods of the heavens blessed this newly wedded couple. My Guru has never said ‘no’ to any sincere help that is needed and when the Gods needed his help to rearrange the cosmos, my Maha Guru was more than willing to oblige. Hence, my Guru had to take up his form of Nadaraja so to grace the cosmic universe back to its proper self but in this state, my Guru has to open his third eye to destroy and renew the cosmos. Temper and anger was at its highest.
Meanwhile back on Bumi(Earth), Amah Parvati, was waiting anxiously for her husband to return from his Nadaraja cosmic dance. She prayed to the Divine Braman to always protect her husband but the absence of her husband by Amah’s side made Amah even sadder. She really wished she could have a child running around the house. She then made a sculpture out of sandal wood paste to a figure of a little boy. He was so cute and adorable that Amah hug the sandal wood figure and started to pray to the all mighty Lord Braman. ‘Braman Ahya, please grant me life to this child like figure which i shall call mine. He is the image of my husband a yogi and purity of his grace. Give him life so that this form of him will be filled with my husband valour , qualities and my loving touch. In an instant miracle, Braman granted Amah Parvati her wish. Ganesha was born.

Me the Writer: Wait! I can’t let you carry on with this truth Mata Ganja Ma. Here in Malaysia, you are an illegal item. You are brought into our country through very bad means. Drug dealers! Drug dealers! It’s just not right for you Ganja Ma to even be in this category. Humanity has really lost their minds. Even I feel many of my fellow Malaysian Hindus don’t even know that you are part and parcel of their ‘way of life’. My sincere feelings and thoughts are that we should not just reveal to the people of Malaya/Malaysia or the world about you true purpose of existence. Not until every Hindu in Malaysia and around the World have started to plant three seeds of you Ganja Ma, with “no” legal man mad law suits put on you. To the rest of humanity who wishes to give a ‘helping hand’, they should plant as many as they wish because at the of the day, what is helping us live through the day without us even having to pay for. It is free for now but we are losing our “Suppliers” day by day. If we are not conscious, we may have to buy it in a tin can. Plants, give it a voice while we still can. Aren’t we breathing?
“To Be Continued”

Truth of the matter is that Ganja, Cannabis, Marijuana or any other names that we as people have call this beautiful but very unappreciated plant has and had been at the centre of controversy and debate. Even after Docu-Movies like Grass explaining why Ganja was basically made illegal and categorise under the label of ‘drugs’, yet we as human beings still can’t rationalise the truth and facts from stupidity. Sure many will say by legalising Ganja, the wrong message might be sent. Never had I imagine that being at peace and setting “Mother Nature Free” was so wrong to the intellects and the ones governing us. If humans still can’t learn to consume this plant with humbleness and respect , Ganja Ma only hope is for her to just be or we will lose our purpose of existence and breathing will be a “pipe” dream. “Breath while you can”. . .
PS: To all Hindus, Do remember which ’’ Lord ‘’,Ganja Ma purpose of exixtance is for.

T.A.R. Vijay@ The Patriot