Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Live The TUNKU

It’s TIME, Change Has to Come. “BERSIH”

Malaya[when Singapore and the other federations  joined Malaya she was called Malaysia but since Singapore, {making up the ‘sia’ in Malaysia} is not part of our nation that is why the writer calls our beautiful nation of our by her first name that The TUNKU first proclaimed her independence to the ‘Children of this Nation’, “MALAYA”]  also known as Malaysia as it is known around the world as a Commonwealth country, practices democracy, is part of the United Nations and claims and boast of its acceptance as an ASEAN member state and an OIC member. It is not the nation Malaya that is doing this claiming and boosting but the people who are sooo full of themselves and govern its citizen with an ‘iron fist’ on the rights of freedom and civil liberties, police stating its own people in order to gain control and power.  Those people, yes the government that has been in power from the time of Independence. Over stayed their welcome? Yes indeed.
Funny, the citizens of this nation took such a long time to awaken but awaken they did with this sudden movement. They wore yellow and clamped for change, “BERSIH”; civil freedom was and is in the air. Only One Day???  Come on people of this nation, you wish to have ‘positive change’ but you all are not willing to stand for it??? And you have a human that turnout to be an Ass(donkey) of a PM who claimed that the people who took part in this yellow rally where planning to overthrow the government of the day, and he even went on calming that they( the yellow movement) were planning to make it into Tariq Square Part 2. They are fellow Malayans (Malaysians) who you are accusing, the “People of this Great Nation.” ”Malaya”
Wow, here you have a PM claiming that the yellow movement were planning to make it into Tariq Square, Egypt. So who is he, Husni Mubarak? Is our PM a Dictator? Ordering the long arm of the law to fire on its own people 900 over tear gas canisters and spraying them with chemical laced water cannons. All because the people of this Malaya nation wanted what the Founding Father “The TUNKU” ensured his people that they will have, “FREEDOM”. Even the London riots did not have that much of tear gas fired on the protestors by the police. And that was a riot and lasted in London for almost a month. Malaysia a democracy? Hahahahahhahah, what a laugh!!!  Crappie best actor award goes to (drum roll, please): The Malaysian government. Booooooooooooooooooooo(I can go on) Sad part of this story, the people of this nation have the same effect, ‘Fake-ness syndrome’(‘F’ means: Fake or Fake-ness and not any profanity. Come on people, no doubt this politician have made us angry and pissed but we don’t have to be stupid and stoop to their level).  Like father, like son/ (in Malay: bapa borek, anak rintik. What’s the point of going to a foreign county and saying that, wow look how nice the grass is on the other side when you have the same land that you live on here but the only difference is, you end up spitting on your own ground more often then protecting and standing up for her (Malaya). Have some integrity people of Malaya, it’s your home. It can be GREEN to.
Then the government including the PM claimed that the Opposition were planning a coup de ta(over throw the government) but the ruling government forgot of their own history. Whereby they themselves led by the newly and corky UMNO youth wing in 1969, orchestrated one on this nations bloodiest racial riots and together with their own coup data led by Dr. Mahatir, Daim, and Harrun to overthrow the Tunku and now them (those F) think that the sprite of TUNKU and this nation called Malaya forgot about that part of history??? Karma Baby, Karma. She will come for YOU.......
Police state, you may think I’m joking. Tell me, claimed Muslim state yet you can find alcohol and beers at any convenient store or seven eleven store but “GANJA” is still punishable by death in this ‘hypocritical’ country ruled by morons. Allah created nature and GANJA is part of that, BUMI dan KAZANAH TUHAN. People of Malaya, remember you make this politicians and “trust me” when I say this. You made them, you can also break them. They (the government) are there to serve and work for the people and “”NOT-NOT-NOT”” to serve their own selfish greed. Hari Raya is a time of festivities and joy but how can one explain to anyone or person on this planet that, only in this country when a person gets caught for anything for that matter and in this case for fireworks possession (Malaysia fireworks are illegal for its citizens to own and play with but for government and special tycoons who have good connection with corrupt official, no problem). Would you have to do a urine test at the police station for possession of fireworks on the eve of Hari Raya??? And what about for drugs??? For the one/person being caught is a fellow Muslim brother who is about to celebrate this auspicious occasion??? YES, only a piss ass corrupted swine of an official who governess this Beautiful and Wonderful nation Malaya would. They booked this person, not for the possession of so called illegal fireworks but because the urine test was found to be positive with Ganja. So now two years in prison, a truly Muslim brother of mine was now going to spend his Raya in jail. Ponder why Malaysia has so many brain drains? Screw you government and F you all. Remember we made you, we will break you. The sprite of TUNKU lives in this land and within its people.
To the government of the day, don’t you dare think there is no justice? The day is on the horizon for you to be held accountable for your actions and when you touch a fellow brother or sister, he or she may be a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Penan, Kadazan, ect.... He or she is a Malayan and the sprite of this land and its founding father ‘The TUNKU’ and Fathers of Justice will show this government, ‘what can the strength of a nation do when they awaken to the ‘TRUTH’.  “MERDEKA=FREEDOM”
“Kepecayan Kepada Tuhan: Believe In God”
Ganja is soooooo part of this, GANJA Kurnian(Gift) ALLAH

It's a Orang Hutans Life, Nature Man....
Watch and you decide.
Here is a small synopsis of the events that unfolded that day. My Guru and a couple of our yoga group went to this event and here is what we witness during the BERSIH 3.0 event. (1) The first video you can hear the police clearly shouting and provoking the participants to ‘go home’ (it’s said in Malay). (2) The second video, one can clearly see a person (plain clothes policeman wearing a yellow t-shirt) provoking the situation whereby he throws a plastic cone into the crowd. You can see a few seconds later a group of police personnel waling and coming from the side where the guy who threw the cone. You can see that the provocateur who wore yellow to pretend to be part of the crowd not being apprehended (caught). You know why? He was placed there by those same people, to instigate the violence. (3) Now the third video is one of my favourite but appalled as well because you can clearly hear and see a policeman say to the truck driver lagi-lagi-lagi, kena pun tapa(means: can-can-can, hit them also it’s OK). Then you can hear fellow Malayans talking about what the police personnel said and feeling sooo disgusted by it. They even said their opinion on the issue. (4) And the last video is about how this peaceful perticipants in yellow marching hand in hand with just their banner being stormed by a huge group of police personal and many who were fleeing had been arrested and subjected to police brutality. Now the question remaiins, why? Why after so long now only would I realise(make public) this video. The reason is that, the government setted up its own investigation body to find out what really conspired on that day but the person leading the investigation, Hanif claimed even before the people in yellow took to the streets(public propriety the streets mind you, it’s the peoples right) calling them traitors to the nation and communist. Peace loving Malayans (Malaysian) being labelled just for believing in civil liberties and freedom in democracy. Then we have an independent human rights body in Malaysia called SUHARKAM who are doing their own investigation.  But now I ask the people of Malaya, what was the point what we still see this OLD government still ruling us and yet can portray to the entire world that its citizens are happy, fire on its people almost a thousand tear canisters and not held accountable by anyone. Even from the international community? BULL SH*T. So now, I feel the world is and shall be the rightful judge to see for them self and to know the “TRUTH”. You be the Judge and Jury, and to the international community and the Human Rights Watch of the world don’t be fooled by our corrupted and fattened government lies that we as a nation are happy. Personally we are Happy because we have to put a smile on our face and a song in our hearts in order to live. Truth be said we truly need to be free, not just another catch phrase like” Malaysia Truly Asia”. Happy Pizza anyone, it comes with a Hangman’s special, ‘noose’. A country which the government claims it’s democratic and liberal but not in practices. Bhang is BERSIH, lets LIVE A TRULY GREEN, GANJA LIFE. (This Videos are not posted on YouTube and I would like to keep it that way. Thank You)

T.A.R. Vijaya@ the Patriot
PS: 24 of April 2012 saw over 50 plus years of what our government could not do be done in a matter of movement, the Yellow(BERSIH) Movement, BERSIH 3.0 brought people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds standing together for the reason that even Ambiga one of the chairperson of the BERSIH committee said, ‘it’s the peoples will’. The nation stood as one and how does the government labels us the people who are part of a civil movement, with their(government) state and privately run media outlets, in one of their propaganda videos portrayed the BERSIH participants(a group of Malaysian Chinese) as ‘musuh negara’(enemy of the state and country). And you say the government running this show for that long is not playing with racisms? What have you been smoking on, I doubt it GANJA. Why? It would have made you to think more deeply and with a better sense of clarity.

Remember: “””Kepercaian kepada TUHAN: Belief in GOD.”””
Children of Malaya, rejoice because you are the ones that have stated your right under the sun, this nation we call HOME. The Malaya Movement has begun and we as a Nation are just getting started.