Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They Are Here!!!

(Courtesy of Gerakan Edukasi Ganja Malaysia (they are on Facebook). Not bad, for our country’s standard. Well done people and do keep up the passion for Ganja Ma always)

Well who ever has and have been following my postings would know yours truly(YT) was busy at work, spreading the seeds of truth and literary planting and growing Bhang not just in Malaya(Malaysia) but also following my Guru Ji  around the world to fulfil our mission. Spreading as much Ganja Ma seeds throughout the world, but during our mission we saw and experienced many things that needs to be brought to the attention of the Children of Earth before it’s too late.
First incident:
While on our way to spread as many Ganja @ Herb seeds throughout Malaya, what we saw was pure fear and utmost disrespect for human dignity and self worth. (The scene) We were on the side a taman (neighbourhood) road and the police were having a road block/road check {{{the Malaysian government has been extremely hard on the people of Malaya ever since the last elections (right now is some police operations with its funny terms. On the pretext to wipe out gangsters and organize crime, that’s what the authorities says), so they come/came up with different ways and methods to punish its dogs (the people). And right now the Hindu community is getting the worst of it (not neglecting the other communities as well). Their temples or holy places are being torn down and decimated (the mayor of Kuala Lumpur the nation’s capital said he is going on a all out war on places of worship by the Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and Indigenous communities, their skin colour, the way they dress and look are all being persecuted by the Devil we call our ruling dictator of a government. Yet, the Movie KL Gangster was launch by the officials promoting gangsters and crime, well crime and violence done by a certain race is fully endorsed and it’s fine. Is that right, raciest authorities?}}} just beside from where we stood on the road. Then we saw a familiar face that was stopped by the police, one of my Guru’s ‘may ray baiya’(brother like in short). He works for a certain charity organization, but the police did not even care one bit. They ask, so sorry ordered him to step out of his car (don’t worry people, he works for charity. It’s a second-hand car) just because he had a bit of facial hair. My Guru’s ‘may ray baiya’ had a bag which he carries with him at all time, and on the bag it’s a beautiful image of a Hindu deity. They the police just ripped his bag opened and spread all its content on the road, this are spiritual items and they (the police) fully had no disregard for this human being or his spiritual way of life and practice. Malaysia truly Asia? Where Islam is the main faith but everyone else can freely practice their faith without fear or favour? Where everyone (Asians and Children of the World) are fully respected and treated equally? Full of S..T. Even though they let my Guru’s ‘may ray baiya’ go, he was not ever, hold on, he was completely not the same after that incident. He was so shaken by the whole incident and event. But luckily for him, we got the whole incident on video and it’s in high resolution video, this time we are sending the evidence to Amnesty International, World Presses, UN, ICJ and also Scotland Yard. Just to let the world know and ask; is this how police officers conduct themselves? Point to point out the obvious, Malaysia want to be in the UN Security Council but the Malaysian government has not even signed or penned the Universal Declaration on Human Rights itself. What a hypocrite. Malaysia a Model for Peace? Who on Earth or even Out of this Earth are we trying to fool here people? But Malaya a Super Role Model for Peace? That statement not only yours truly will belief and support, but even the late TUNKU will surely and most certainly fully endorse. Do remember that the TUNKU is from Malay Royalty and he was/ is a Prince and if he were to be alive today that will make him KING or in our country’s context ‘RAJA’.  Daulat Tuanku, Tunku Raja Ku/Kita

Second Incident
The Malaysian government claims that ALLAH and the term ALLAH belongs to the ruling government, who also controls Islam and where even any other form of Islam(example: Sufi or...) is fully ‘haram’(illegal) and the government with its religious stooge departments of enforcement even said and declared a ‘jihad’(Holy war) on any other forms of Islam. Who on ALLAH’S Earth they (This Stupid Puny (small) Malaysian government) think they are? Muslims of the world, it’s time to declare a ‘jihad’ on this stupidly corrupted Malaysian government. You know what; ask why the Malaysian government won’t go into Russia to do business. Chechnya Rebels, Thank You. What the Malaysian people could not do you are surly doing, Thanks. For many Malaysian or Malayans, they may not know what we are talking about even though the whole world knows about it. Remember the Boston marathon and the bomb attacks. The Chechnya rebels claim responsibility and they came out with a statement that the Malaysian government is fully trying to suppress and control from the people. The rebels were targeting the marathon because the main sponsors of the event are none other than PETRONAS. The Chechnya rebels came out with a statement, which states; they are now on an all out ‘jihad’ against the Malaysian government and its interest anywhere in the world. No wonder the board of directors off Petronas asked Dr. Mahathir@ Mad Man to step down. Their company is at a great loss with Dr. Mad Man on board; Mahathirism has to go for good. Remember, it was Dr. Mad Man that enacted the death penalty for drug offences (nature possession) and destroyed what The Tunku and Jaffa Onn built. [This part is only meant for the people of Malay/ Malaysia] Come on people, even ‘Jabatan Audit Negara’(National Audit Institute) stated that ten million ringgit(Rm10 million) and more of the countries funds are being taken by government linked companies(GLC) and their cronies, Mahathir built a well oiled government corrupted system and its hard to let go of that much of money(people and nation’s money). Not with the new land easement (DBKL, MPSJ), new electricity thrift, goods and services tax (GST), they are calming that they (the government) are/is broke. Betul ke? Bawa isteri naik kapal tebang dengan duit rakyat, rakyat hidup; kais pagi, makan pagi. Kais petang makan petang. Dan kerajaan korupsi ini nak rompak buta-buta lagi wang rakyat dengan senag-senag shaja? Naik kereta mewah, rumah mewah; rakyat naik pengangkutan awam, tinggal di rumah setinggan? Tanah Melayu adalah untuk rakyat Malaya, dan bukan untuk yang korupsi. Tumpahnya darah mereka, kita sebagai rakyat akan menentukannya. Nationalisma Malaya, untuk Bapak Perpaduaan Melayu: Jaffa Onn and Bapak Kermedekaan Malaya: Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera Al-Haj. Personally, yours truly don’t support violence but like what the late Nelson Mandela would say: if the oppressors are not going to give the people their freedom then “Civil Disobedience” shall be the only way forward; Spear of the Nation, Rebels of Malaya. Yours truly knows for a ‘FACT’ that the Sprit of Nationalism in the People of Malaya will do the same. How can one just sit back and look at their Nation/Country fall and fall that badly by the doing of this stupidly corrupted Malaysian government and we the people stand by and not do a thing about it? This guy who went and shot dead one of the head of this government’s religious stooge, the guy who shot that religious stooge is a real hero to the people who has been repressed for far too long. Remember no doubt Islam is the main faith of the majority, but that also means that all the different forms of Islam has a right to be practices by the people of this Land of Raja’s  and not just this extremely Islamic practice practiced by this Malaysian government. Ask yourself majority and minority or bumi and non-bumi or is it ‘People of Malaya’? Am I a Malaysian or a Malayan? 
Third Incident
Remember when yours truly (YT) said that YT was travelling with my Guru Ji,  it’s not just in our country (Malaya), we were travelling in and around South East Asian  and other countries around the world. Anyways, this incident happened in a superbly amazing country where their people are always happy and it’s fully part of their Khmer culture and way of life. Even their food has beautiful happy herb (Bhang) in it, yummm... Bhang.. Anyways, to the incident: so while following my Guru spreading the seeds of Bhang throughout this country (we also visited the happy herb farmers and saw how they grew Bhang naturally. Beautiful plants the farmer are growing, YT must say) we met a couple of tourist from Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and they were all girls in their 20’s (why YT clustered all this countries because these girls all had the same story to say). One of the girls asked; why is it so unsafe to travel to Malaysia for girls from South East Asia? Why when we go to your customs officer, they ask how long we are prostituting ourselves in Malaysia for? Why police and law enforcers stop us when we are in a taxi in Malaysia but we have work permits/travel documentation, they(the authorities) take it away and they rape us? Me and my Guru and the others that followed, just answered: We are Malayan. YT then answered that hopefully you girls did record the even on your mobile phones and do get the faces of those idiots who treat our fellow Asean(S.E.A) brothers and sisters like that should not be let free from the justice of the people. They (the girls) then said; the Hindu community and we (the foreigners) are same-same because they are treated worst then animals. Not surprising, the Hindu community is fully respected and looked up by our neighbouring countries and their people. They know how much this community (Hindu) have to put up with living in a country that breeds and endorses racism. The girls were happy and the best part they did record that incident down on their phones. So with my Guru’s blessings we are helping the girls to compile all the evidences and send it to the relevant authorities and to their respected officials in their respective countries. For Malaysian, they don’t care if it happens to others but imagine in the near future when you children travel to America or anywhere in Europe. Today Malaysian is known throughout the world as the best traffickers in goods (illegal items of all sorts) and our student do sell themselves for materials. Materialistic, give me money- give me money. You know who you people are and your disgusting character of labelling people (mainly colour) you have indirectly secluded yourselves and your community as racist. Even your own people from Main Land(Mother land of Taoism practice),  you call them prostitutes, so how about yourselves? No wonder the people of Main Land treat you all worst then .... Well done!!! 

(((Moment of Pause: during this time YT got to know about what our FFFFFFFFF(remember F in YT context means Fake) Malaysian government and Opposition did. An archaeological disaster, where the world should be leading an all our war on the Malaysian government for being so incompetent and that dumb. Lembah Bujang or better know to the west as Bujang Valley in Kedah a state north and close to Thailand. UNESCO where are you? Bujang Valley is destroyed by this uncultured idiots who F the last general election and now they F a heritage site of this nation of Malaya, but they F a heritage site that not just belongs to the people of Malaya but to the world, like Angkor Wat.))) What is the Majority of this county doing? This is a old heritage site and even though it’s a Hindu and Buddhist ancient site, its surly an important part Malaya’s history and it belongs to the people. Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction. Are we as a nation going to let these Idiots destroy our National Heritage? Ruling government or opposition or is it the people who will lead its people? Destroy them, as Malayans, we shall and we will...Long Live Malaya, Long live Jaffah Onn, Long Live the Tunku.

Obama, Mr. President and to the people of America, still this deciding should we and when must we legalize Ganja Ma but quick to legalize gay marriages? That’s normal because that’s natural? So herb is not? In your process of taking your time to decide the worlds people are suffering a faith they did not wish for. Making Nature Illegal was a thing that America decided to enact and enforce its laws to every corner of the globe. Nature will get her answer when this much of injustice is done onto her and her creations. People, remember the symbol for Bhang, Ganja Ma, Weed, Herb, and Cannabis is its leaf and one still can’t understand its nature and it’s natural. Why? Have humans become stupid until they fear and put their stupidity on others by hating plants; the very same plants that keeps them alive? Ironic wont it be when tomorrow comes by and we get our fellow American and western brothers and sisters travelling to our country and to others but they are legal to carry and consume Bhang, Cannabis, Herb, ect with them... That will be nice to watch how they fire our customs officers, and teach them a thing or two about respecting ones right to be. Oh yeah, an incident such as that did transpire, remember tick—tock? Yours truly does like this term but a music artist name Kisha sang this song. She was to perform in Malaysia but was threaten by the Malaysian authorities with arrest and detention. Want to know why? She is a medical Cannabis/Bhang patient and consumer. According to the Malaysian authorities, she (Kisha) did not respect the Malaysian culture and brought her medication(Cannabis) into Malaysia. Really!!! Yours truly don’t think so, she said on her Twitter even Singapore has Hindus, Chinese, Malays, Muslims, ect...(Just like Malaysia) and they today fully respect that Cannabis/Bhang is part of culture and a ‘way of life’ and has done away with the death penalty for possession and consumption. So she went instead to Singapore, we are losing out Malaysian to our neighbours and they are laughing at our inaction towards our own country’s downfall. Don’t point fingers on anyone except on one’s own self, wake up Malaysian and realise that we are Malayans. And we have to do something if we “Truly Love” this land we call home. What will be even more ironic, imaging when this legalised Cannabis/Bhang/Herb tourist visit our country and go to our Hindu temples and visit our Kampung Melayu(Malay Village) or Little China Town and ask; where is the Ganja and we say its a drug, they will really laugh their heads off and that will confirm their doubts that we do really live on trees but trees which are made from concrete. They will surely ask us then; have you heard of this song by Bob Marley called Concrete Jungle? No doubt, India is to blame for not standing up for Bhang/ Ganja Ma and openly acknowledging that its(Bhang) fully part of Hinduism but Hinduism is a “way of life” and it looks like the ‘with man’ is going to teach you on your own culture. Won't that be Ironic??? Do remember DNA (Divine Nature Almighty) is within every one of us, “Children of Earth”. Be The Change, Say YES to Ganja, Saying YES to Nature and Life...
T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot
PS: One might say that the Divine is not real and no one has seen GOD, true to some point but not to all. Yours truly is reminded of an even where when we were in the forest in a certain country with my Guru Ji on our Yoga trips, one of the students tried to impress our Guru Ji by showing to him what Google maps on their mobile phones is. Zooming in and out, showing how small we are on the map and how far can the satellite zoom out. But Guru Ji just said to them; can that camera on that satellite turn and zoom into space? They said no but others can but its not on our phone apps Guru Ji. Our Guru Ji just smiled at all of us and said; the vastness of space and the number of stars and galaxies we are just a mere spec with humans so called sciences and technologies. Humanity must realize they are part of a cosmic family, arrogance and the denial of truth will lead to its(humans) own downfall. Divine Nature Almighty is eternal.
Why the title; One Year on? Because come this 21 December 2013 will be a year since where by a vast number of people thought the world is going to end. Remember Maya? Guess most people moved on and don’t think twice about it today. But people, let me just say this; the day yours truly and including all the Yoga students and Guru Ji found out about the destruction of Bujang Valley (date: 01/12-2013*Sunday, and it was Maha Shivarathri*), one can ask every Malaysian or Malayan. The days that followed (Monday, Tuesday, ect...) it has been raining and the skies has been dark and mysterious. The feeling the people are feeling is pretty gloomy. Even Islam is saddened by this action, now even ALLAH is pissed off. The Divine Force/Power, hear your Creations and Children’s cry and plea, Time for your Divine Intervention is Fast approaching, Children and Creations of Earth its time to stand for Truth.

 Believing in God, King and Country? (First two lines of our Rukun Negara)
ALLAH, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, ect... is our GOD, TUNKU is our RAJA & MALAYA is our Country/ Tanah/ Nation
Planting the Seeds of Hope for a Greener Tomorrow, Ganja Rohani(spirit) will safe Humanity
Hidup Rakyat Malaya, Hidup Anak TUNKU, Hidup Jiwa Nationalisma