Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Happy New Year & Happy New Change"

What Democracy & What Human Rights? (you be the Judge)

The time has arrive for all who stands by the believe that the legitimacy of “The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” under The United Nations (UN) is for every living human. The west pride’s itself for its believe that this “UN” declaration will make countries that practice “democracy”, imbed the declaration as part of their continues commitment in upholding human rights and it’s values. That being said, one would expect that if their own country( that’s Malaya or Malaysia) being part of the “UN” uphold its honor. Not so and a simple question like (why?) would come to mind. A initial and two words: A. Satiaya Narayanan. One might ask what or who on earth is that? Here’s where the “True” story begins.
A.Satiaya Narayanan , a humble ‘milk man’ who makes a honest living by delivering milk to Malaysian who lived near where he lived. Every morning, Satiaya would wake up and start his rounds around Rawang ( a small town) in Selangor delivering his dairy supply. On another side of town, in a police station, an officer wants’ to clime up the ranks as fast as he can and he’s got a brilliant plan and it’s beginning to unfold. He (the police officer) prepares for a undercover task to catch a ‘drug addict’, to nab him at the moment the ‘drugs’ are exchanged. You might now ask yourself what happen to Satiaya, well I’m getting to that because he’s the ‘one’ that’s to be caught.
So he (A. Satiaya Narayanan) was caught and the officer did a fine job by carrying out his task, Right? Well, don’t jump gun. What I didn’t mention was that A.Satiaya Narayanan is a man who lost both of his legs (he’s a paraplegic) in an accident and judging by his name one can only guess that he’s of a Hindu religion. The question of the matter that he was caught is of great respect and is also worship in his religion. Ganja. Ganja. Ganja. How much did he buy for the undercover officer? 98.2gram. Well, one might think A.Satiaya being a paraplegic patient would be given a humane and lenient sentence, Right?
Twenty years(20 years) in jail and if you think that’s harsh, it’s just the cake. Now for the icing, the Shah Alam Court said, ‘ganja(cannabis/marijuana) is the worst of the worst drugs, and as a hindrance to prevent you from this evil, ten stokes of the rotan (10 strokes of the cane)’.
West and East, wake up? What happen to respecting one’s culture and religious practices? What happen to the quest of making ‘‘Medical Marijuana” available to patients who are in need? And Oh Lord, what happen to humanity? Do they not stand as one?
What is the point of democracy if you can’t practice it? Is that true in Malaya(Malaysia)? Well, let’s take a look at the events that has unfolded in the past couple of years. What’s the point of the Internal Security Act still being deployed on civilians who wants to stand up for “The Spirit Merdeka (Independence)? Funny, all of a sudden there’s a group calling themselves as (Pewaris) legacy who wants’ the act to stay. Well that not the only act that’s on show. I’ve come to realize that in Malaya, rights are just meant for the elite few and the rest (citizens) can just go about their daily lives but ‘do not’ question the government. What happen to just living life in the pursuit of happiness? Doesn’t ‘democracy’ ensures that to its believers? Due to the ‘cival rights’ movement’ during the 60’s now 2009 The United States Of America has a new President Elect, Barrack Obama ? I’m so proud of that movement because due to civilians right for freedom, “CHANGE” can occur.
Now back in Malaya, our “Father Of Independence” “The Tunku” has even tried ‘ganja’ and he before his untimely passing mention that even he is ‘against’ death for possession of ganja. The “Father” who gain for his fellow children (Malayan Citizens) a nation that he called “Malaya” only to be changed to Malaysia. You know the ‘sia’ at the back of Malaysia is actually a short form for Singapore when we were together. You know what, it just dawn on me, there should be a “Civil Rights Movement” in Malaya where by the people of the nation demand the government to rightfully change back the name of ‘Malaysia” to ‘MALAYA’ in the name of “The Father, The Tunku”. Is it possible? I leave it to you Malayans.
The reason why I touched on the “Rights Movement” is because we once again have returned to the plight of A. Satiaya Narayanan and his Hindu comrades. Now even ‘Yoga’ is not allowed to be practiced by the Muslims in Malaya. You never know that some ‘Muslim extremist’ might go even a step further and do a ‘jihad’ on ‘yoga’. And the best part, the Malaysian( Malayan) Government is siding with this point of view, do go against them, and one can find themselves in a two by two feet cell block and being subjected to two years in detention without trial. No wonder the Hindu Civil rights Movement of Malaya called ‘HINDRAF’ was born but sad to say five of its founders are in the ISA. But a Jamaal Islamia(JI) member who is part of the September 11 terrorist plot was set free under the ISA by the Malaysian Government. What a ‘mysterious’ gesture.
The Hindus in Malaya needs a ‘Global Intervention’ so that their freedom to practice their beliefs and religion can be fully upheld. The United Nations and the West, what’s the point of promoting ‘democracy’ to the world and celebrating the 60th Anniversary Of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights when the rights of Hindu minorities are completely disregarded? Think again what your pourpous is.

T.A.R. Vijaya @The Patriot