Thursday, February 21, 2013


“We are Nature, it’s Time to Set Bhang Free”


LOL (laugh out loud) , hahahahahahaha. Wait just a minute, what you people thought? When December 21 2012 rolled over the world is going to end??? And here I thought we(me and the plant earth lovers) were in a Ganja state of mind. People-people, what have you been smoking? I’m sure is not Ganja because no Natural Nature Consumers ever imagine the world is about to end except for the workaholics and liquored up generals.

Remember, I was on a retreat with my Guru and a couple of our other yoga students, journeying with our minds, body and spirit connecting with the Divine and Nature with a little help from my Guru’s creation: SOMA. SOMA: So who said it’s lost, only a selected few still who holds this secret and only a select few are blessed to go on this mind and spiritual expanding journey. But after the whole process(nine days Divine trip later ) we( my Guru and us the selected few) came back to class and remember the girl that said ; it all just a joke(in my last article) was in class and this time she said; ‘see I told you what, nothing happen. The Maya doomsday is all bluff. So here is what my Guru had to say. (I may have corrected the grammar but the rest is to the mark. Word for word; I think?)

My Yoga Guru: (the Girls name), so nothing happen before December 21? There was no negative happening around the world?

The Girls: Yes there was Guru, there was a shooting again but this time it happen to twenty (20 innocent children and adults of the Divine) people were gunned down in America (TRUTH BE TOLD, My deepest condolences to all their families and loved ones) by one of the Teachers own son.

My Yoga Guru: Aham Bhramhasmi, Ayahm Bhramhasmi(saying a prayer) and this happen in America? So did the President who got his people to believe in him did legalize or set Ganja(Cannabis) Free? As to, usher in peace, love & natures natural happiness remedy?

The Girls: No. The President went to his retreat and shot ‘clay pigeons’ with is gun. But since you all were on your SOMA retreat something even more nasty and cruel happen but Guru this time it happen in India?

My Yoga Guru: (my Guru feels spiritual energy and he knew about what they wanted to say but just acted oblivious)

The Girls: A medical student and her boyfriend (to gruesome to even write about it but you the readers get the picture/ you read the story)

My Yoga Guru: So now the Indian people are protesting but didn’t Baba Ramdav did this before just to show just how bad and corrupted is the Indian government!

The Girls: And now Guru in America, the school teachers is arming themselves with guns for better protection for them and the students.

(Hold on Children of Earth is just to MAD, can’t go on)

See now, what the Mayan said is that come 21 December 2012 the end of their calendar and nine of their Gods will return “but” the earth and its inhabitants has to go through a cleansing period then and only THEN will their Gods will return. Now the Maya are the keepers of time and the Hopi Indians are the keepers of space and according to them (the Hopi) the end of their forth world is upon us and the coming of the fifth world is in arrival. The greatest ‘earth shaking’ is about to occur and if they( the Mayans and the Hopi) are the keepers of time and space the Indians of India( the True Believers, Followers and Worshipers) and whichever countries they may have migrated to are the ‘guardians’, ‘protectors’ and ‘teachers’ of both and more, the Vedas, The Purans & the Sutras. You know what would happen if a mountain moved? (For the Hindus) Imagine “Kailas” was awaken? Remember Indians, Lord Shiva reminded his followers how important are plants, his Divine Avathar: Virikshanath & Virikshanathini (God/Goddess of Plants), Bhang Bolai Kai Bakti & Bhang Bolai Kai Baktini (God/Goddess of Bhang/Ganja), and Somanath & Somanatini (God/Goddess of SOMA {the most powerful natural mind expending and Divine experience mixture}). I would know, but have you (the Indians) made your stand yet? But when 21 December 2012 came everyone and I mean everyone from my country Malaya(Malaysia) to around the world, people were stocking up on food running/ driving to their places of worship but after the day passed Christmas came and went with; hooray a new Iphone5 and not what happened and where is our lord Christ/Muhammad/Mosses? Not asking ourselves when are they (the Divine Prophets) returning? A President who won a second term and having its election campaign video with Harold and Kumar on it, in a way showing him (the President) supporting/support for Ganja but yet sooo/too much of a hypocrite by not legalizing her (Ganja and her Cousins). Standing in front of thousands showing that you care, for the loss life of 20 young innocent victims been taken but you Mr President still don’t hear the Divine call and you yourself play with guns? Families who lost their loved ones in this manner (gun violence) how do you think they feel about your inaction? Here is to the ‘first lady’ and the kids, your husband/fathers message is clear, its ‘ok’ for guns to be used but ‘no’ to consume nature. He who’s not righteous came to speak, but the president himself consumed Cannabis. If you chose to be sincere and truthful then you (Mr. President) should turn yourself in, to the police for breaking the law to. To the family of the President, make that call. What’s it call, 911??? What a ‘hypocrite’ you are Mr. President that gave the people of peace the world over ‘hope of fake’!!! You even got your ‘white house’ to come out with a statement about Marijuana/ Cannabis, stating that by legalizing the cartels will be more powerful. Have you been sniffing on glue of gas? Its’ a plant, so now my grandmother and my neighbours have become cartels? You idiots are the ones categorised plants as drugs and not as the “Creations of the Divine”. So for thousands of years humanity of various cultural and traditional backgrounds have been eating and consuming these plants with mind expanding Divine properties. Giving them to their children and made us what we are today but according to the American authorities it’s ‘bad’? Those plants didn’t make humanity cripple, retarded, mutated or stupid but in a way propelled humanity so forward in their overall (mind, body & spiritual) development. So having the will to promote ‘war’ is better right? Dropping ‘bombs’, ‘atom bombs’ and spraying ‘agent orange’ is ok because it just made people better? No deformation??? How do you feel when those, who are The Indian government who’s soo stupidly corrupted that is why they are still taking money from the United Nation Drugs Funds and also from the DEA so that they the politician can become more and more rich. Even my Yoga Guru’s Baba Bai(Brother) Baba Ramdev going/went on his hunger fast being but ended up being beaten for his effort by his own fellow Indian citizens(in this case police) just to show just how corrupted is the Indian government has fallen on deaf ears. Mahatma Gandhi would be ashamed and disgusted. Bhang/Ganja is very much part of Indian culture, practice and their “way of life” but because of corruption the government does not acknowledge this truly Honest and TRUE fact. Even during the Kumba Mela this year my Babas(3.7 million strong and rising) who were there warned the Indian authorities not to chop natural growing Bhang/Ganja because it’s making Maha Yogaraja very-very-very ‘angry’. The ‘holy men’ (Babas) will take action but it will be a Divine action. Corrupted governments, they make humanity sick and Mother Earth even sicker. Wonder why they had to fly the raped victim all the way to Singapore for her treatment when India is known the world over for the best western medical learning and practice institutions ever. Fear for the girl’s life people, fear and believe me this has not just happened once. 2010 when I was in India following my Guru on his spiritual journey a very-very similar case like the medical student scenario happened but this was even more bad/ worst/ terrible. Really Bad. A 9(nine) year old girl in Harinara was found raped , body chopped up and chucked in sugar cane plantation the girl’s father owned. Car found crashed in New Delhi, open back booth found knives with blood of the 9 year old girl and car belong to ministers sons but put blamed on lay man. Corruption level, go figure! No wonder Ganja is not acknowledged till now by the Indian government because corruption breeds corruption and they (the Indian government) are too far down the rabbit hole and the money and riches has blinded them. Here’s to the Indian People uprising, burry them (the government) but that also goes for our Malaysia government to. The sprite of TUNKU is now in full bloom RAHMAN is shining on the Children of Malaya. The Choice is Yours.

It’s a Global Uprising Children of Earth; it is time we return to nature, with Bhang guiding us on.


T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot

Ps: Do remember that George Washington for America, Mahatma Gandhi for India and even for us OUR Tunku for Malaya@ Malaysia, these Founding Fathers of these Great Nations all grew, consumed and used Ganja, Bhang, Cannabis, Marijuana and no doubt George Washington is a Freemason he did warn that Illuminati are infiltrating the Freemason movement. See now our Founding Fathers always wanted True Freedom for their people but Illuminati have now diverted from their calling and moved to a more dangerous craving for ‘absolute power control over the masses’. You want to know something even more chilling? Here’s a question, a ‘long’ question. What’s the longest and still fought off war that’s of a global scale, directed mainly towards the different cultural, ethnic and traditional human population around the world which has killed millions and is Americas Pride and Joy of War?

ANSWER: The war on GOD (Divine and Spiritual believes & practices) because the ‘war on drugs’ is in a way your war on GOD because: WHO created Opium, Bhang (Ganja), Magic Mushroom ...ect (Nature)??? God you ‘idiots (this is for humans who when mention Ganja; instead of them thinking plants/nature/Divine, they still think drugs)( Duhhhhh)’. The Divine Architect, even the Freemasons stand by the Divine Architect. If our Founding Fathers were alive today, they would “SPIT” and maybe even throw a shoe or two to the leaders of today. Our Founding Fathers will be disgusted by the current way on how things are turning out.

The Hippy Revolution is and will always be the corner stone in the defining moment in American history and for the world: Why? This was a time of revolution of change where people chose to wear flowers in their hair, came together as humanity, shared nature and consumed together and chose PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS rather than war, violence & misery. Americans, lead the way again because history has a way of repeating itself and Going Natures Way, the Hippies sure know HOW. BE TRUE, BHANG IS DIVINE

NOTE: Please-please read all my last and other writings and articles which ‘yours truly’ wrote and then make your conclusion. Imagine if all Marijuana patients and recreational consumers of this plant got off their bums and headed to the ‘white house’, sat in front of it and lit their joints and shared together and make a stand not to leave the vicinity until nature is taken out of the illegal drugs category and set free, a peace/peaceful sit in protest with music and dancing and set up tents and camp over. Worldwide there will be a domino effect, the Hippy revolution is here again and it’s here to stay. That’s why ‘yours truly’ said that America can lead the way once again, but please-please be TRUE. Why TRUE? If you have ever seen protest against any oppressive government establishment there is always people (the protesters) holding ‘peace’ signs but have you not noticed. Where is the smoke??? Tear gas fired by the police not that smoke but the ‘Ganja Smoke’. Remember the Peace Movement in the 60’s was about nature by the ‘hidden hands’ with the help of the CIA slipped the Movement ‘LSD’ and the whole thing went array, the we had Charles Manson. Ganja brought this Movement and only Ganja and Natures Gifts of The Divine Architect can Truly bring” Power to The People because the People want Peace”. GANJA IS PEACE & PEACE IS GANJA. It’s like my Guru said: there is only so much you can lean from a product (manmade, example I phone) but from a mushroom which is magical and plants which are mind expanding, you learn something new with every experience of consumption. Nature heals but humans (now including man and women) destroy. It’s up to the ‘TRUE NATURE’ of us as humanity, Mother Earth ‘Children of Earth’ to do what’s Right and True. Awaken a Revolution ‘Children of Earth’, “Mother Earths Peace Movement” has arrived. The time has come, drawing ever more closely for, Nature & the Divine to give Humanity its Answer. Humanity, you have been ‘warned’.

{A Divine Change Is Coming}

Your ultimate question:

Ask yourself Children of Earth, if it’s right and ok to wage “WAR” on the Divine and the Creations of the Divine, so what are we? Insignificant to the Divine Architect itself: The Omnipresent Divine Power.

Tick-Tock Humans: (It’s time to vote)

CHOICE :( choose your answer carefully because your life and your loved ones overall wellbeing depend on your choice. The Future of Humanity and Earth depends on your decision and stand)


(B) MANKIND(sexist place isn’t it?): Corruption, Greed, Misery, Violence & War


Watch, Search and Learn!!!

(‘Yours Truly’ have also placed an array of music videos and video documentary for your viewing. Hear the music with your hearth and watch the documentaries with your soul, please-please and pretty please people. Don’t just watch, get active and get involve! Join the ‘Movement’, “Mother Earths Peace Movement”)



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Google/Yahoo/Firefox search: Bhang, Ganja, Cannabis, Medical Cannabis, Endocannabinoid system, Marijuana male/female
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                     'Breaking the Taboo'