Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The year is 2007 and the people of this nation is rejoicing the birth of her, she’s 50 now and she’s also welcoming visitors (mainly tourist) in her biggest birthday event ever held. The people who run her well being (that’s the government) event built an “eye”, a replica from her colonial mother Britain just so that the visitors can wow at her beautiful landscape. She’s ‘Malaysia’ or truly known as “Malaya” and on 31st of August 2007, she’ll turn 50 and the struggle for her people which comprises of many different ethnic and religious background is still on going as ever. The truth is, she’s crying. Why one might ask?

It’s because her people are being subjected to injustice and inequality by the very people her nation voted for, the government. The government which is run by the main coalition party the Barisan National(BN) which comprises of the three main ethnic groups of Malaya, where UMNO(which stands for the Malay majority community), MCA(who stands for the Chinese community) and MIC(who stands for the Indian community). For fifty years, the nation and her people have been living in perfect harmony until some idiots(the people who were voted by the nation) started to stir up a ‘racial storm’. The truth is that during the early birth of Malaya(just after her independence from her colonial mother) the people of this new found nation rejoiced together, as one from different ethnic races. The “father of her independence” the late Ali-fdhdh Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera Al-Haj was proud for his people, different race and religion living together side by side and even getting married with each other. Race and religion was not an issue because it was a privet matter, to any and every individual. National school was a place of integration between the different races and the Malay school girls didn’t need to wear the ‘tudung’(headscarf worn by Muslim woman), if they wanted to, they were free to do so.

Then May 13 1969 came and all hell broke lose, the people blame the Tunku for the racial clashes which left a few people dead and so the Tunku with a heavy heart had to resign, and even his beloved party that he stood for shoved him out. To the people they looked at the Tunku as the one to be blamed but in fact it was a bigger sinister plot that was brewed up by some idiot like minded politician who wanted to clime up his political ladder fast. Now it’s 2007 and what makes us think that history won’t repeat it’s self? We can see it happening already, when the 2005 UMNO General Assembly was held, a so called Education Minister pulled out a ‘keris’(a Malay traditional dagger) but it was still in it’s case. In 2006 UMNO General Assembly, the same Education Minister did the same thing but this time the case was off and the Minister had a friend and it was none other then the son-in-law of the Prime Minister, he’s also a young UMNO Youth wing member. Both of them rejoiced together, ‘keris’ held high, demanding bigger and greater benefits for the Malay but it’s actually for their own selfish gains. Even the ‘makcik’(elderly Malay woman) with and of her bumiputera privileges can’t even get a loan from the bank to buy a van for her to run her mobile food stand. But her neighbor who’s a Chinese helps out by bringing her around when she goes and sells food in her mobile stand. The people are united but the Ministers (not all) are s bunch of ‘racist scum’. The Minister who pulled out a knife is still a Minister, of ‘Education’? In that case, the late Tunku did not have to resign.

Right now the Deputy Prime Minister is so hard headed about his National Service(NS) program that he is not willing to scrap it even though there’s so far twelve deaths since it’s introduction. Najib have you lost your mind, well if it was your child then you might. Those twelve deaths were children from families who now share a very big similarity, a lost of a loved one and you can’t bring them back. At a recent parliament sitting , the government even claim to be satisfied with the NS program and has no plans to suspend the program despite girl trainees being raped and the deaths of trainees. In that case, the late Tunku did not have to resign at all. Its deaths of twelve innocent children not just a prick on the thumb but sad to say we are ruled by them. According to the deputy prime minister the NS is a program to increase patriotism, foster unity, national integrity, build positive characters through noble values and to instill the voluntary spirit among the young. Wait a minute this program sound to be a great program for the ministers and the first batch we should send the education minister and his good friend. NS should stand for National School because patriotism and unity comes from the heart and no human can work magic by instilling in a few months. It has to start at a young age and with proper and honest guidance, you have to plant a seed to make a tree not by chopping off a branch and expect that branch to grow into a tree. It will die, but sad to say in this case it was the lives of some innocent children. Can the government return back what’s lost to the grieving families? It is in material.

Of recent, the biggest and the most frightening event to happen on this soil, the nation that our ‘father of Independence’ the ‘Tunku’ called Malaya and even drafted out for the first time her Constitution, is the ‘rape’ of her Constitutional right’s for her people. If one is in the dark about what I’m yapping about, let me enlighten you. As a judge of this country, one must always have respect and uphold the nations Constitution. Laws are put into place to protect and serve the people, but what if the law is suddenly changed to make way for extremism? Malaya multi-religious and multi-ethnic society suffers the consequence. Subashini and ordinary Malayan was appealing to the Court of Appeal to stop her Muslim-convert husband, Muhammad Shafi Saravanan Abdullah from going to the Syariah court to dissolve their civil marriage and convert their children to Islam without her knowledge or permission. In a majority decision by the panel of three judges, Subashini was told to seek recourse through the Syariah Appeal Court. Justices Datuk Suriyadi Halim Omar and Datuk Hasan Lah dismissed Subashini’s appeal while Justice Datuk Gopal Sri Ram dissented. We all know why he did, because if he stood against their judgment , he would have lost his job by the powers that govern this nation. To a Woman, Family and Community Development Minister like Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to hear this happening to a family especially to a woman it’s devastating, but not for her. Guess what she said? Shahrizat herself a former magistrate and lawyer said, ‘there is a system in this country and at the moment, the judgment must stand’. According to her she would abide by the Court of appeal’s ruling as this was the system in place. Miss Shahrizat, do you know your ‘Rukun Negara’ and secondly, are you an extremist? The judges judgment it self did not respect or uphold this nation’s Constitution. And so, Malayans of all different race and religion throughout the nation united in prayer for justice, fairness and respect for their Constitutional right which was organized by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity and Taoism. The people are living in fear and even the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah in a front cover of a major news paper spoke out against what’s happening to the Constitution and told the nation the that they must defend and promote the country’s Constitution at all cost. At the same time, on that very same news paper the PM, Mr Pak Lah was speaking to the civil servants and he said to them to keep the momentum going, he was talking to them about the economy. Why, so that the government pockets can get bigger? The nation is crying to you Mr. Pak Lah and what do you do, absolutely nothing. The sad but true fact is that we Malayan put those idiots we call ministers to look after the people’s interest there but the most obvious truth is that they are looking after their own welfare. A ‘wind of change’ has and must come to reform this nation that every Malayan calls home to its former glory and pride, “free and democratic.” Every time the people want a change the ruling party keeps bringing up the May 13 issue and not only that, the BN keeps padding on that they only can bring progress. Like of course, if you had a two third majority in the parliament. With that kind of majority even the opposition can bring about changes. Opposition members like Mr. Lim and Karpal are the only few people brave enough to bring up issue pertaining the fate of Malayan’s of non-Muslim but as always the ruling majority say that they have their ways in handling this kind of matter. Then they will slam the opposition for bringing up sensitive issues into parliament and so they be asked to sit. At least, they had the guts to speak out even tough they are a minority in the parliament and as always they(the government) says that this is a ‘sensitive issue’ and one must respect the rights of the Muslims. Let’s start by asking those very same people we voted, what then happens to the rights of the non-Muslims? Aren’t they all Malayan or Malaysians and weren’t they born on the same soil? Where is their right’s and respect? There’s more fear now then ever before and the fact is, Dr Mahathir brought progress, but he’s no saint nether. Well nobody is perfect but he made the ‘eyes of the world’ to now who we are.

Let me enlighten you further on how severe the matter is, does anyone know who is Zulkifli Hir? Zulkifli Hir, who is ‘high’ on the United States “most wanted terrorist” list once worked for a local council in Malaysia, is a protégé of Jemaah Islamiah(JI) bomb expert Dr Azahari Hussin. JI is a member and South East Asia‘s operative for Al-Queada, and international Islamic terrorist runned by none other the Osama Bin Ladin, the man behind the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Towers at New York, United States. And they were Malaysians. Is this what the government wants to do, bread more extremist by constantly Islamsaizing this country in to an extreme one? Most importantly, stop all the lies, the nation has turned 50 and her people deserve better. The truth of the fact, Mr. Pak Lah you once tried to wow back Malayan’s living or migrated abroad to come back to Malaysia because we need their expertise and they are the ‘cream of the crop’ of this nation. How do you want to bring them back or let alone prevent even the people living in Malaya from leaving if the policies keep becoming more and more extreme and the people who are non Muslims keep feeling that this place can no longer be called home. There was one time a Member of Parliament who told a Chinese opposition Member of Parliament at Parliament during it’s sitting that, ‘if you don’t like this country, you can go back to China’. Well, don’t think the non’s won’t because China and India have already awaken, even the migrant workers form India are heading back home. So what are the non’s waiting for? It’s their love for Malaya.

When I ‘reflect’ on how this nation has stood for her people from various religious and ethnic back ground, I really feel proud to be a Malayan and to stand for what the late Tunku Abddul Rahman Putera Al-Haj fought for. One nation and one race, the “Malayan” race, a make up of multi-religious and multi-ethnic diversity of her people. It’s the politicians and the idiots who have a stupid quest to rise to power which is destroying the very fabric of this beautiful nation. The people of Malaya must not forget, ‘we are one and we are strong’. We put those politician up they and we can easily take them down, their salary is our tax money. Currently, there has been a movie being made called 1957- Hati Malaya(Heart of Malaya) where a young actor named Kamarulzaman Taib plays the role of the Tunku, ‘good job’ of portraying the Tunku. Anyways, there was one scene in which the Tunku was at the MCA Assembly Hall where UMNO and MCA members reacted spontaneously by donating money and jewellery for the Tunku;s trip to London in a quest to achieve Independence for this newly founded nation. A man so humble, that’s who the Tunku was and always will be in the hearts and minds of the people who love and admire him. Now, if the current politicians could be as humble as our founding fathers, won’t that be nice for Malaya and her people. She is crying, and we as Malayan’s have the ‘power’ to save her, because the ‘real truth’ is, we are the government. On a last key note, I will like to end my ‘reflections’ of this beloved nation of ours as she turns 50 on 3 August 2007 by saying out loud and proud the principles that I and every Malayan should hold close to their hearth, “The Rukun Negara”.

Rukun Negara.
Kepercayaan kepeda Tuhan (Have faith & believe in God)
Kesetiaan kepeda Raja dan Negara (Loyalty to King & Country)
Keluhuran Perlembagaan (Respect the Constitution)
Kedaulatan Undang-undang (Respect the rule of law)
Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan (Modesty and etiquette)

Note: there’s nothing said about the government because we are the government, and Malaya’s Constitution must be up hold. Whether the BN or the Opposition governs this nation.

“Happy 50th Birthday Malaya”
T.A.R Vijaya@ The Patriot

P.S: Of recent, the BN government and the PAS(Islamic Party of Malaysia) are bickering over whether Malaysia is and Islamic state and if it should become more Islamic. The deputy Prime Minister Najib even said again the Malaysia is not secular. Let’s just get one thing straight, Malaya is a multi-religious and a multi-ethnic country. BN being the ruling party for 50years now should be more mature and remove the statues of Islam as the main religion and state that every Malayan has their own freedom of choice on their faith. If the Tunku was alive he would be proud of this bold move because the nation has finally matured. Sad to say we still have MP’s who are so inconsiderate by slaughtering cows which are sacred to Hindu’s, Buddhist and Taoist on Parliament grounds. And the government wonders why 100,000 Malaysians leave this country every year for good and 70% of them are Malays. Even the Malays feel discontent and the plain disrespect the Malaysian government shows to its multi-religious and multi-ethnic citizens.

P.S: There is this theory in Malaya called the “R.A.H.M.A.N” theory. It started with our very first Prime Minister the late Tunku Abddul (Rahman) Putera Al-Haj, followed by Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and it sure won’t be his Deputy as the ‘N’ in the theory. This nation founding fathers didn’t hold a gun or resorted to violence, hence he’s not it. The ‘R’ started with our Farther of Indipendence, a Prince among Men, the ‘N’ should and must be a ‘Prince among Men’ as well just like The Tunku. Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin, you are Malaya and her peoples only hope, you have the nation and her people of various race and religious backgrounds support. You’re the “ONE” that will complete the theory and set Malaya and her people free. “Long live the King”.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Sprite of the "FATHER" still lives on.

To the People who believes in Freedom,

Again, February 8 came and went like nothing happened for this country but March 8 was a different story. They say it was like a tsunami wave that hit the nation on Election Day and on the next day the ruling Barisan National government was shocked by the outcome of the polling day results. Political analysis and academician are still grappling and analyzing what made this political wave. Remember I mention February 8, there’s a reason why I mention it. On March 8, the people voted for what they believed in, democracy, equality and freedom. On February 8, it was the day when a true Great Leader for the people was born. A man that stood by his people not looking what race, religion or skin color one was but for the pride and honor that we are all one, Malayan(Malaysian). It the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, and on February 8 it was his birthday and yet again the ruling party didn’t even give a damn, so the day went on unnoticed. But not for many true patriots, they went to their respective places of worship (Mosque, Temples, Churches, Toh Kong and etc) to say a prayer for a great man who gave his people equality, democracy and freedom. He is the man with the very first IC (Identification Card) and thus giving his people the power to vote. But the ruling party kicked out the Tunku from UMNO and even when the Tunku passed on, the government didn’t even announce on the radio nor on the television about his departure. How could the ruling party clam to be for the people but can the Malaysian people accept what they did this to our “Father of Independence”? For the nation’s 50th Merdeka(Independence Day) celebration the government took millions of the peoples money to redo the Merdeka stadium so that they can show off to the world and show how patriotic are they as a ruling government. To the ruling party, that’s you BN. Stop manipulating and using the Tunku, your party didn’t give him the respect and honor he deserved but the people of Malaya has and will always do so. When the Tunku was without a party, the only party that offered him a place so that he can be their mentor was an opposition party called ‘Semagat 46’ lead by Tengku Razally.

It’s funny how UMNO veterans said to the people recently mainly to the Malay community especially in Penang, ‘The Malays who voted for the opposition are unpatriotic.’ Can I ask this entire racists extremist something, which is more unpatriotic, exercising ones right to vote or kicking our “Father of Independence” and not respecting his freedom of democracy for his people? The new Chief Minister of Penang has recently said that there will be no more New Economic Policy(NEP) in that state and as soon that was said the UMNO members started to protest. Even the Prime Minister Abdullah (Pak Lah) warned of the consequences. Is the PM trying to make the country imbalance? The opposition is now ruling the state of Penang and it’s their right to carry out their policy and not the BN policies. Its true democracy is coming back to the people because even though the UMNO members were protesting about the NEP they never gave any memorandum to the Chief Minister. The police was there to keep things in order but no arrests were made even though the protesters didn’t have a police permit. Do you think the people are that naive, this protest was by UMNO and the everyday Malay citizen of Penang have no time and interest in this. Let the new Penang government prove to its people what it’s capable of and what equality means to them, the people have spoken in their votes. Even the ruling BN government never gave this much of freedom to its citizens, the five leaders of HINDRAF are still being detained by the internal security act (ISA) and they were voicing out the Hindus sadness and grievances to the government for breaking and destroying their temples. But according to our Prime Ministers they are linked to the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers. Terrorist are like Al-Qeidea and Jemaah Islamiah(JI) which terrorizes and cause fear to people with acts of violence and bombing and by not keeping their fight on their own land. The Tamil Tigers or The FARC are rebels not terrorist and HINDRAF is just an unregistered organization that are doing what the MIC (Malaysian Indian congress) can’t do for the Hindus, that is to ‘voicing their democratic and fundamental right’.

From the looks of it the NEP was introduce in the 1970s after the 13 May 1969 race riots to help the ‘not so well to do’ Malays to have an economic advantage in the country. But as time went on it only helped out the people in power that’s in UMNO but the ‘Mak Cik’ (an elderly Malay lady) on the street still has to wait seven years for her bank lone to be approve so that she can get a van for her food business. And she applied under her ‘bumiputera statues’. After forty year it seemed that the NEP does more harm then good and race relations has suffered between the Malays and the Non-Malays of this country. No thanks to some UMNO members and their fiery kris welding tactics, the worst is, one of them is a minister of education. And they plan to unite the people when they are the ones who cause the problems in the first place, ‘In the name of Malay supremacy of UMNO and Islam?’ The truth is that in Malaysia, the ‘not so well to do’ are not only the Malays, there’s the Hindus, Chinese, Indigenous People(orang asli) and etc. That’s what the opposition is trying to show not only to the citizens of this nation but also to the world because the eye of the world is on us. This country is a democratic country and the Tunku even said that religion must be a personal choice and not dictated or forced by any state or government of any country, read his authorized biography which was done by K.Das and written by Kua Kia Soong called K.Das & The Tunku Tapes. A must-have book for all Malaysians because it’s practically the Tunku’s final work before he departed from his fellow Malayans.

After 50 years, we can now see that true democracy, equality, freedom and pride is coming back to this nation and if the Tunku was alive today he will be proud of his people for showing that on March 8 the voice and the vote of unity prevailed. They say that when an earth quake or a tsunami hits, the first wave is a wake up call. It’s the second wave that will shock the world. To the people of Malaya, the Tunku is proud and happy with his people because the people are one it’s the BN that has been using the people and that they (the BN) are now coming to terms that the people make the government not the government makes the people. The spirit of the Tunku lives in all Malayans(Malaysians).

“Democracy, equality, and freedom to the people”.
:The Tunku

T.A.R. Vijaya@ the Patriot
Ps: Many of the local media and news papers never ever published or showed my articles to the public but thanks to alternative media avenues like "FREE MEDIA" the sprit in which the Tunku wanted for his people can live on. Thank you.