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21 December 2012

            GANJA: IS A BHANG LIFE


NOTE: For what is worth, this article is in no way and in no intent in any way to offend or disrespect any person, race, religion or faith. The writer (yours truly) wishes to apologise in advance if most of the points in this article does in fact offend anyone, the writer is however not sorry for stating the ‘truth’, remember, no one is perfect except earth itself and the Divine. The article is from my perspective and opinion for what the writer feels and wishes to address to the readers (the Children of Earth) that a Yuga(Moment/Time) of important significance is about to happen in our lifetime and right before our very eyes. The arrival of the ‘Golden age’, the moment of “Ultimate Divine Truth” on this place we call home (Earth). So, do enjoy the read people and I truly hope it(this article) will change your mind, body and spirit on how one view this Earth we call Mother.

I’ve been writing for a long-long time about Bhang/Ganja and trying my level best to impart as much knowledge and know how on what this beautiful but really very much misunderstood plant means to me, my people and to the spiritual and Divine Nature of her(Bhang/Ganja) existence and being. Why misunderstood? Simple, it is mankind’s unrealistic greed for power, money and most important of all to control (white rule over coloured). One may think why? Simple, because this is a plant that every common person can grow and use/consume so that they can to live a healthier and full life; spiritually, mentally and an excellent physical wellbeing. The best part, she (Ganja) is free and its from nature. Activism in my country Malaya (also known as Malaysia) for Ganja , Cannabis , Marijuana( so many names) had and have to be so underground because of the penalties that Bhang consumers have to endure(remember, death penalty for possession. Even thou, our ruling government, who has been in power since the time of independence and is still crazily fat for more power to rule over the people, is doing such a bad job by acting to the international community and countries by stating that they ‘may’ abolish the death penalty. After killing some many of your own country folk with this stupid Mahathir’s mad-mad man made laws and you (the government) not being accounted for? Even the Tunku may his soul rest in peace thinks not!!! Even stating that like Mahatma Gandhi for India our founding Father The TUNKU who gave us Malayans our Freedom of Independence and who also consumed Ganja and who have stated it openly and who is totally opposes and against the death penalty for simple possession have not made any head way in this beautiful nation of mine.

Where else in the west, the Medical Marijuana Movement and the No to Greed and Yes to Weed Movement is gaining such headway, I hope we see a real change soon. I really mean soon as possible........

With that being said, a lot has been mention about this 2012 year of the end and from the looks of it, isn’t it on the verge of the end? What have humanity done to deserve the right to live when we have even placed man mad laws on nature and on divines creations? Plants that have and hold psychedelic and mind expanding qualities(one could say as even God or Divine properties) are immediately classified as a man made term called ‘drugs’ when this plants played and plays such importance in the development in human conciseness.

Sending ourselves into space in search of other planets like ours when we as humans end up destroying her(planet earth) in the first place? Polluting her waters, chopping down her lungs for her breathing inhabitants and calming it to be all part of and in the name of development and progress for humanity thirst for knowledge and the expansion of science and technology; In all, to improve mankind/ humanity. Seriously? I remember when science was about learning to understand nature and to respect its workings and technology was about helping us as a species to ease our lives and not to over whelm it. A teenager selling her virginity just so that she could get an IPhone and be one with her friends! What happen to playing with toys or skipping rope? If one were to be joyful and laughing because one just feels positive and good, people and society is so fast to judge and call you crazy or weird. They want you to be positive but not too positive? What? Getting to know a person or even your future life partner now is even more of a hurdle, when you try to get to know this person he/she does not give you the light of day or night because he/she has around three hundred over followers on Facebook or Twitter. Technology, here to save the day or to help humanity distance themselves further apart from each other! Misguiding humanity? Where today being bad and corrupted is ok by society’s standards but being humble and spiritual one gets called a ‘hippy’ or a ‘tree huger’. Things are moving too fast and the society is so lost and you know what can make that all change and slow it down so that we can take a step back and out of the box so we could look at what we in our wake of destruction, have done to our planet? Come on people we have brains to send people to the Moon or now even Mars but we still don’t even care for our planets green inhabitants who provide its breathing habitants oxygen. Human made laws to wipe this plants out form this planet because we called them drugs? We wear clothes so to distance ourselves form animals and beast and to call ourselves the dominant race/species on this planet called Earth but yet humans have no clue to what extend they have disconnected for the Divine Nature of this planet. Are you all as a human species lost your minds or have become that stupid until you need the ones who made all what you see return to answer this question?

I’ll have to stop here because we are getting ready for the dawning of a new “Age” and spiritually we should all be ready. Remember, for that Hinduism (a term the British used to describe this group of people who practice their devotion much different from their Muslim countrymen. Hence India was divided, and now we have a Hindu {India} and Muslim state {Pakistan}) is a “way of life” and no human in their right mind would have placed a law on universal laws unless it was to control other humans. Trust me when I say this, humans as a species has to answer to which or whatever your belief may be and the question will be as such; Why did you not use your brain to not wage a war on plants and nature? Don’t you know that (Nature) is Divine? The Maya belief and prophesied, not predicted might I remind you. Prediction is like guessing, like what the score is going to be in a sports game or match. Beliefs are a very-very different ball and this time it isn’t a game. They(meaning the Maya) are True to Nature and Spirituality. The Maya have said that when 21 December 2012 comes or in this case arrive, their calendar will end and a dawning of a new ‘Age’ will arrive and oh yeh, nine of their Divine Creators are and will be returning. Now the question goes like this: What do you belief in, humans or Nature? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock people of Earth, Nature will always WIN because she’s the creation of the Divine Creator of everything, that includes space and beyond. That includes aliens; this is for those ancient astronauts theorist.

The real reason I chose to write is for a simple reasons. One, after sooo many facts that has come forth both from the medicinal, practical and spiritual use Ganja potentially has but yet no change of mindset and heart. There is this cartoon on Disney channel called, ‘Phineas & Ferb’ and in one of the episodes; they have a Hindu friend from India whose name is Bal Jit. The producers of the show keep emphasizing that he is from India, so anyway he (Bal Jit) was waiting for beef steaks to fall from the sky so they(the whole cast of the cartoon) can eat. And it did, fall flat on his (Bal Jit’s face)! Just one thing, “cows are sacred to Hindus”. White superiority as always, total understanding and respect of others culture and ‘way of life’! A civilisation and culture which origins are way since the dawn of time itself, who invented language and writing(Sanskrit), who also invented numbers and (siever/sifa in Sanskrit) for zero(0) and who also knew what an atom(Anu in Sanskrit) was called way before any microscope was invented. No wonder our ‘power crazy’ government of Malaysia can still ridicule the Indian race and people of Malaya. So where is the respect for humanity of ancient knowledge and wisdom? Seven out of ten American are medical marijuana patients(cough- chough, what a joke) and out of ten marijuana dispensaries, five to seven of them have images of Hindu Gods in them. Thankful, yes but this also means that the west today acknowledges the fact that Bhang/Ganja/Cannabis/ ect.... is soo and very much part & parcel of Hinduism. So, ‘Truth Be Told’, right? A President who won for a second term and who for this year for the first time (not wishing before, three years since his first term in office) who wished Happy Deepavali to all of Indian/ Hindu faith and belief but still fell short of giving the real light of truth for them and that is the “Freedom of Faith” and to Live as one with Nature as part of their culture, practice and believe. Ganja is Bhang and like it or not she and her kind will be set free. For you see, the Earth & Nature can do without Humans, but we can’t do without Earth & Nature. She will be set Free and the ‘TRUTH’ will overcome the darkness that humans have done to her (Mother Earth & Nature) and her Divine creator will “Set Things Right”. “Divine Truth Will Shine”

Well wishes to Humanity,(the message has been sent and you have been warned). Remember hurricane Sandy. Technology to the rescue??? Yeah right. When the 2004 Asian tsunami hit, the only thing left standing in Ache was the Mosque and when Japan was hit with a massive earthquake which also brought about a huge tsunami, Buddha stood tall when the dust settled, even the Divine tried to let humanity know but to no avail. Humans you have lost your respect and love for the Divine and the creations of the Divine. Earth is Mother, so how can you humans rape your own Mother??? You have angered the Father of Creation. Do remember humans and that is: For every action that has and is an equal and opposite reaction. KARMA, KARMA & KARMA

Om Namo Shivaya; Om Namo Shivaya; Om Namo Shivaya;




T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot

(PS: Below I posted some videos on documentaries and music on the topic at hand and my personal letter of reply from the President of the United States of America. Notice that nothing about Bhang or Ganja was even or ever mention. Wishing Deepavali is not so important then to do what is right. Do the Right Thing. Wish and Hoping is what The Children of Earth are asking, for the TRUTH to be set Free Mr President, Give Nature her Right to be. Set GANJA MA FREE. NAMASTE & TERIMA KASIH Mr President)

(PS1: Like it or not even in the Bible, in the Book of Revelation it states that; Satan in its form will first challenge and to even see the hands of God and by doing so bring to existence the Anti-Christ into power and once humanity is fully immense and drown by its power the False Prophet will even hold the universe and bring it into the house of the lord(Church) and will lead humanity to their downfall and that will be the sign for the Return of the Son of God, Jesus. Just out of curiosity?

Didn’t God state in the Bible that he created us (humans) in his image and that Satan is within all? Remember Disney cartoons, bad Mickey on the left shoulder and good Mickey on the right shoulder. Humans already have created the church of Satan and now the church of Scientology. Using science to even see if they (humans) can manipulate God with the creation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, which was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research . It lies in a tunnel twenty seven kilometers (roughly seventeen miles) in circumference, as deep as hundred and seventy five meters (five hundred and seventy four feet) beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. It was invented and built for the sole purpose to find the God particle, basically the Creators hand. Now do you see ‘us’(humans) as Satan and Science as the Anti-Christ so where is the False Prophet. You are looking at it(not the words that the writer is writing or the writer),’ technology’. Even the pastors and priest of holy places of worship have said that kids today even though they may be at church but they are so busy on their IPhones or IPads chatting, texting and playing with games. One kid even showed to the pastor an App application of a wallpaper form his IPhone of an actual universe, belief it or not it happens in Church. Prophecy Fulfil

(PS2: Do remember that all we are asking is for humanity to respect the existence of Plants and to let their species be free to be loved and worshiped. It is our “Way of Life” and Do know that Bhang belongs to our Divine Creator; Jai Maha Bhang Bolanath Shiva Shambo. Humans you have waged war and not chosen peace. Divine peace will be for the ‘True Believers’, but for the rest of humanity, you have brought upon yourselves your own destruction. Aham Brahmashmi, Ayam Brahmashmi .

(PS3: Friday 21 of Dismember 2012 is near and I have made my choice, my Yoga Guru has prepared a special class for that day to ‘welcome’ in the “dawn of the Golden Age”. Even though I have grown my Ganja plants and I presented it to my Guru, he just took it and lit it up with a fire in his chillum and consumed it in a ‘yagna’. So I asked him; Guru G, why did you burned the Bhang when this buds are freshly plucked and harvested, and it is not from the Ganja provider(drug: (don’t like this term) provider). Its home grown. Now even in America, many states are legalising Ganja for recreational use, so why burn Bhang Guru G? Then my Guru replied with a very calm manner; no doubt they(the west) have moved forward in their approach to Aya’s Presat(divine food) but here in Malaya it is still considered ‘death penalty’ for possession of a certainty amount. Twenty years jail for possession of a small Bhang plant and whipping by the cane is not what me as your Yoga Guru wishes his Sishiens(students) to go through. Didn’t you remember the picture on your phone you showed your Guru? Now does it make sense my child. Me ( I showed my Yoga Guru my new phone which by the way does use only computer chips and comes from Korea has an application made by someone who had a picture of a very-very important image of our Maha Yogaraja Guru on it in an application and even Yogaraja had to consume Bhang in a ‘yagna’ form and with a chillum) now make sense of it all, it’s a sign and that is the picture in the very beginning of my article. All my Guru and us as “Children of Earth” are asking and wanting is for us to have the unconditional right to consume and worship Nature and the Divine creations. Good on you ‘west’, recreational but we consume for spirituality and a practice so ancient, it is a “way of life”. It’s a Divine Call, humanities Judgment will be by the Divine Judge. Mother will have ‘peace’ and balance will be restored. ‘Way of Life’ is always “Divine”.

You know, after writing so long on a subject very close and great importance to our existence as a being on this Bumi (Earth), I’ve come to understand this; Bhang or also known as Ganja Ma is a plant that can teach us humans a lot. The most amazing thing is that Ganja has two plants but to each their own sex (male/female). These people that go about saying that there are now more potent Ganja plants which the cannabis (Ganja) producers are bioengineering are I guess having their heads in too much of petrol fumes. Imagine you have a male Ganja plant from the Philippines and a female Ganja plant from Thailand and at the same time in America some person got a female Ganja plant from Jamica and a male Ganja plant from Mexico and mixed their pollen. So now we have a mix breed of Philippines + Thai = (PT: male/female kids) and Mexican + Jamaica= (MJ: male/female kids). So now this person comes to say Malaya where the PT kids are growing and brings a MJ male to give to his Malayan buddy to grow and get them (the Ganja family) married. Now we have a “super potent breed (PTMJ) which is natural but the only difference here is that we as humans unconditional love for this Goddess Ganja Ma so much so that we had a hand rather than Nature because by the time we wait for the birds, bees or the butterfly to get the pollen from Thailand to Jamaica. They (birds/bees/butterfly) would have to go through all the pollution and hell humans have put forth to make their journey as hazardous and deadly as possible. So you see Ganja Ma is actually our Guru and she and her husband Ganja Aya are teaching us just that, it goes the same to us as humans as well. When we mix breed and mix our genes, humans as a species would be not just potent but would turn out to be more ‘super human’ then we can ever imagine. That’s a fact; Ganja is a destroyer or ‘racism’ and the bringer of “Peace & Love”. So even if the President of the United States of America does not do what his Divine purpose he won his second term for, so to ‘end the war on drugs and humanity’ and set Ganja Ma free by 21 of December 2012, trust Nature when I say this because I am just your guide and messenger: No doubt she (Mother Nature) has no voice but her savvier does and its (Divine Creator) returning with a bang. Hey what can I say, “Ganja is Divine” & “Ganja, is a Bhang Life”.

Jai Maha Yogaraja Bhang Shiva Presat


(Here is the letter. The time I received the Message of Response from the President:
Friday, April 20, 2012 2:40 AM)


April 19, 2012

Dear Friend:
Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans concerned about environmental issues, from recycling and pollution control to the well-being of our national parks and wildlife. I appreciate your perspective.

America's natural resources and landscapes are among our Nation's most precious treasures. We have an obligation to be responsible stewards of our environment and to protect these resources for future generations.

My Administration is taking action to protect and restore our land, water, and air. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which I signed in 2009, provides funding for hazardous waste cleanup, wastewater infrastructure construction, and projects that improve our Nation's parks and wildlife refuges. In March 2009, I also signed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, the most extensive expansion of land and water conservation in more than a generation. It designates thousands of miles of trails under the National Trails System, protects more than 1,000 miles of rivers, and secures millions of acres of wilderness.

As individuals, we can all take steps to reduce our impact on our environment. Americans can walk, bike, and use public transportation; buy products with less packaging; recycle and reuse paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum; and teach young people about environmental preservation. Families can save money by purchasing energy-efficient products, turning off lights, and unplugging appliances. These small changes in our daily lives help build a cleaner, safer planet. To learn more about our environment and how you can make a difference, I encourage you to visit or For more information on ground water and drinking water, please visit To learn about America's Great Outdoors Initiative, visit or read my 2011 Great Outdoors Month proclamation.

Thank you, again, for writing.

Barack Obama

(Here are the videos for the CountDown to the Unfolding of the Truth)



(Only now the 'west' are starting to understand)

(Listen to the words and feel the tune with your heart mind & soul)



(Hey-Hey-Hey or in this scenario,  Jai-Jai-Jai Bhang Ki Shiva Prasat, our "Way of Life, Culture & Tradition".The Symphony of Life, OM NAMO SHIVAYA JAI BOHLANATH JAI  )