Friday, May 10, 2013


As He(The Tunku) would see it.

We in Malaysia just had our much awaited 13 General Election but it was totally F(remember, the writer when says F: means FAKE). There are so many hard evidence of election fraud and jerry meddling. Main points: Firstly the Election Commission itself is of the ruling party UMNO members and "Hard Core" supporters of UMNO itself. Before election the Information Minister Rais Yatim said it’s “OK” to use state funds(the people ’rakyats’ money) for party(UMNO, BN) advertising/propaganda. Media (printed, televise or otherwise) owned by the Government who has iron grip to power for over 50 years runs countles advertising/propaganda to slam Pakatan Rakyat. Not even a second was given to them(Pakatan Rakyat) to air their view on national television. Even countries like Myanmar ruled by the Junta(Army) gave Aung San Suu Kyi air time on national television. With that said, noew we had   700 000 over thousands (on paper, how much more of paper don’t know) migrant given Identity Cards(IC) in a skim (scam) called ‘project IC’ co founded by DR. Mahathir, giving this people not only citizenship but ‘bumiputera’ status, monthly allowance of Rm1000 and on election day Rm5000 each or more. Having friends of BN to sponsor their flights to vote where by a Mak Chik has to wait for 7 years just so she could get her ‘bumiputer’ loan yet with a super high interest rate where by the ‘migrant(Bangla, Myanmar., ect...) bumiputra’ shakes leg and easily gets their cash. What a scam!!!

A “Malayan Monsoon Uprising” is what this nation of Malaya needs. Do remember that BN is a new party which was form after the throwing of Tunku by the UMNO youth during the 1969 May 13 riots which was a way for the over throwing of the “Peoples Government (The Tunku’s Alliances)”. Day of rioting, many people lost their lives but it was what made the Government (BN) of today. Blaming the Chinese community for their(not the Malays but UMNO's) misfortunes. What crap!!!

The Tunku would love to see his “Children Of Malaya” upraise against this 50 over years of oppression, corruption and killing towards democracy by A “Malayan Monsoon Uprising”.

Remember “People of Malaya”, the Parliament is yours and it belongs to the RAKYAT. Don’t have a uprising just for a few hours or a day. Let it be a day or a week, it may be a month or more, have a “STAY IN” on the Parliament grounds. Not just a million in attendance but 7 to 9 million people sitting, staying, singing and dancing to force/demand the Goverment(BN) to either step down or recall a fresh General Election with the mandate of “BERSH” fully upheld.

It will be ironic/funny, why? Because the May 13 race riots in Malaya were a “stupid” way to sizes/grab power from the Tunku but 50 years you (the BN Government) thought the people forgot. Yes, I guess the ones that say 'I chose Malaysia' those sellout for cash, yes. Examples like Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng, supported BN before the 13GE(General Elections) the simple fact/ reason is that she has invested intrest in Johor's Mega Project somthing Iskandar and yet BN slamed the Chinese community yet again and now havin Perkasa(BN/UMNO racist force) have a 'target' set for the Chinese community in Malaya. And after the 13GE the so-called Indian crusader(sell out to BN) P Waythamoorthy fro Hindraf joined Najib's new crap/show cabinet but Waythmoorthy vowed to end the delima of 'stateless-Indians'(Malayan citizens with Red IC, but they have satyed here in Malaya for over three generations) issue as soon as possible but he gave a date, five(5) years. Wait a minute, a Bangladeshi could be given a Malaysian citizenship(blue IC) in just four(4) hours so they could vote in the 13GE for BN and get their "Gift's from BN or Friends of BN". For Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng, how could act as the Lady( acting as Aung San Suu Kyi, a "TRUE Hero" of her nation). You should be ashamed of yourself. Disgraceful..... For those sell-out's The Tunku would just say one thing to them, "I Chose MALAYA".  But for the "True Rakyat", We are Malayans and "We chose Malaya" too.

Don’t test the RAKTYATS will, the “sprit” of The Tunku lives in all Malayans and it time we get back our independence and what’s ‘truly’ ours, “MALAYA untuk Rakyat, Rakyat untuk MALAYA.”.  THIS IS FOR YOU BAPA KEMERDEKAAN. “HIDUP TUNKU”

“BERSHI is for KING and Country”

“BERSIH is for MALAYA and her RAKYAT (people)”



T.A.R. Vijaya@ The Patriot


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