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MERDEKA (31 August 1957) is for Malaya not Malaysia. Hidup TUNKU!!!
{You see the Tunku is the only Father of Prime Minster who is/was a lawyer, the “Man who gave us a Nation”. But all the other Prime Ministers (PM) gave us corruption and amended the laws to suit their greed and ill means. Tunku gave us Malaya, they (other PMs) destroy and sell to the world Malaysia. Malaya or Malaysia, us as a Nation must choose?................A Question from The TUNKU himself to the “Children(means adults and children) of this Nation”}
Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, Selamat bertakhta!
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, Selamat bertakhta!

My country
The land where my blood has spilt
The people living united and progressive
May God bestow blessing and happiness
May our King have a successful reign
May God bestow blessing and happiness
May our King have a successful reign

Rukun Negara
MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaya, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :
We, the people of Malaya, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends, guided by these principles:
  • RULE OF THE LAW, and

What’s truly the meaning of Merdeka(Independence) is to be free, free from oppression, free from corruption, free from being governed.  To have a sense of belonging to the land that one is born on to, to live their life to the fullest and bringing out their utmost potential. Knowing that the spirit of “Nationalism” is within all of us Malayans and does not belong to any political(ruling or opposition) party nor to any civil society movement( Bersih, Hijau or ect...) Give you an example, the Bersih leader said she would like to step down and she also said not to buy certain news papers(fully own and govern by the ruling party) and yet she gave an interview on one of them. The founders of a movement (Bersih chair person Ambiga) stepping down, imagine Gandi or Mandela stepping down from their cause? Where is the spirit of Nationalism people of Malaya and being “True” to your cause/beliefs? Said that this election is full of fraud and the people went to Padang Merbok but left to go and get sworn in for Parliament duties? Ok, but then get back to the padang(field) and have a sit in till the F(remember f stands for fake) government falls. Tuhan( Divine), Raja(King) & Negara(Country) is what we as ‘Children to the Father of this Nation’ should stand for. Say that we love Malaysia to be a peaceful country and that we do peaceful protest. Wait just a minute, the whole peace movement was started in the 60’s and Ganja is and was and forever will be always part of Peace but here in Malaysia Ganja is(you know: death penalty. Remember) but even a country like Singapore today has a softer approach towards Ganja. Back to proving that this GE13 was a Fraud to the People; Only evidence is the ink issue Bersih plans to pursue? How long does it take to make a case? Keep the people guessing? Twenty one days or years or did Money got the best of you? My Bagawan(God in white peoples terms), the ruling Barisan National Government singled out the Chinese community by saying it was a Chinese tsunami, their government run dallies said ‘apa lagi china mau’(meaning ‘what else the Chinese want’) and even Dr. M(Mad Man) blamed the Chinese all the way and also the Baku teh incident. {{{{{no doubt the Chinese community in Malaysia still feel that they are above the other races. Example: Land in any of our (Malayan/Malaysian) air ports and one will surely hear their announcement( air port announcements) being made. English, Bahasa Melaya[Malay/Malaya/Malaysia], Chinese[Mandarin/Cantonese]( in short E.M.C). What happen to Tamil/Hindi/Kadazaan/ Bajau/ Bidayu/ Melanau/ Tibetans, ect...? Even in the television programs on Astro and there is programs dub in, (you guessed it) E.M.C. Not forgetting my former articles, of recent (hold on, for some time now. Reflective moment: Sincerely I am ok with skin as long there is the LOVE people Love) remember they (the Chinese) show their legs: the legs of yuck show, and even going to a sacred place of worship for the Hindu people of Malaya
( Batu Cave. That’s also one of the reasons why that it (Batu Caves) did not get the UNESCO World heritage site. Of course it’s because of the development project by (Dolomite Snd. Bhd which is GLC*government link companies*) but take this place for example: Borobudur in Indonesia is well taken care of by the residence that live around this ancient site and they (the residence) are all Muslims. Pancacila people of Malaya, Pancacila. Here(Malaysia) even a Buddhist monk using a surau to do his meditation, now has his life on the line  and the surau has a date with the demolition crew.The best part is that the National Fatwa of Malaysia has approved the demolition and with full endorsement from the BN government. Islamic Extremism, Most definitely.  So state and federal level of endorsement for extremism thinking, teaching and action and they (government) complain why is society getting more violent and crime is getting more and more vicious? There is this Malay saying: ‘bapak borek, anak rintik; which means: father do children follow. This kind of thinking and mind set looking up to the government of the day has to go because in the process of letting they (government) sell the nation assets and destroy the spirit of the land they are also destroying the ‘Sprit of Merdeka’. Remember: they(BN government) destroy the places of worship of the People of Malaya(this includes all races, Malaya People, Malaya not Malaysia), They took away the King(Raja) privileges and changed the country to Malaysia(selling Malaysia Inc), Change the constitution to suit their means, changed the laws to suit their favour, and no KESOPANAN DAN KESUSILAAN/ GOOD BEHAVIOUR AND MORALITY(look at how they behave in and out of Parliament and what are they doing to the people and this land we call home. Disgraceful). They are the BIGGEST violators of the Principle of the Nation itself the “Rukun Negara” and the “True Spirit of Merdeka”.

   Is not just the date that we have to always remember it’s the ‘true feeling’ to be free and independent as intended by our founding Fathers such as Jaffah Onn, Hussin Onn and The Tunku is what we as a Nation should feel and practice(do). Malaya is for the people but Malaysia is for the government. Nationalism is in the sprit: MALAYA or Malaysia (1 Malaysia: crap/stupid slogans/ propaganda. A Nation must choose and people the choice is yours? Ask ourselves: do we want a (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Myanmari *no offence* or more BN/ Dr. Mad Man cronies and family members) to be the next Prime Minister or do we like to see that little kampong boy like what you see in the Lat cartoons to be the next Prime Minister, A Malayan. People, it’s your choice?  We call ourselves moderate, Indonesia is laughing at our arrogance. Dumb Malaysian but smart Malayans.  They(legs of yuck) wear like

can you imagin, wearing like this. What happen to even the Chinese culture and heritage? Have you forgottenyour own cultural attire? What happen to Chong sam people, Chong sam? 

How many years now still no respect and understanding) and the Chinese expect to be respected? How about respecting the Hindu community which your skin has disrespected, mis treated and labelled them with the “K” (N word, its raciest) term? Already the Hindu community in Malaya are so marginalise and superbly disrespected by the government: death in police coustdy now superbly on the rise, so what can you and your community do to help your fellow Malayans. Simple: Your daughters and sons are sent to SMJK and SRJC Schools and expect them to mingle with the Hindu kids and kids of other (different spiritual/ ritual / religious practices) when you as parents show that much racist face of yours to this community. Aren’t we all Malayans? Do you know what your (the Chinese community) daughters do on the internet (example: facebook, twitter , ect...) Selling yourself to other Chinese boys so you can buy your material stuff(example: I Phone, I Pad , ect..) but when a dark/ toned skin boy talks to you, avoied-avoied-avoied? You think your own skin will save you, so sorry they sell you like meat.
(There are other pictures sent to me but it’s a kids show people {meaning, too distasteful/not good for the people/public to view} Trust me “Cosplay”  and other fetishes are all good as long its mutual and consensual (for adults) but school girls/boys selling herself/himself/their self for I phone/ I pad. Really, for technology? That’s worst then stupid, so parents continue your SMJK {One race schools} vision and expect integration and street smart to come by) Malayans will always love you but you have to realise that you are Malayan too.}}}}} And to all those people with money (Chinese Business man), what does the big Chinese tycoons (who have strong links with BN, GLC links) do, they migrate, run and bring all their assets out of Malaya. Cokodododledoo(Chickens)! People-people, the biggest and most obvious ‘election offence’ the ruling party committed is starring in your faces and with all the evidence you (one, the People of Malaya) need. In any election even in a country like Myanmar, India, America, United Kingdom or Indonesia or Africa no one has the right to know who voted for whom and which ethnic race voted for which party. SO as you can see, the Malaysian Government (BN) has fully violated international and local election laws and protocol. Knowing full well that the courts here is well controlled goverment, lets sue the ruling party in the highest courts one can find: International Court of Justice (ICJ), United Nation Criminal Court, OIC courts, Commonwealth Courts, ASEAN Courts...ect Now those Chinese who ran with all the money, you know what to do. Court cases isn’t cheap you know. But this community who call themselves Chinese should realise that Malaya is home for all and not Malaysia. Malaysia is actually BN Inc. Is what the late Founding Father of Malaya the Tunku would want, his children (that’s us) having the “spirit of nationalism” because of the True Spirit of Malaya. Remember that this is not China, or India or Indonesia or Europe or America. Its Malaya and a every country of the world, it’s the heart of the earth. Really!!! Just like at the shape of peninsular Malaya on a map, realise one thing people. The Malaysian government tell to the world that Malaysia is truly Asia and that Malaysia is a land of endless possibilities but keep having race base politics and not forgetting that politics also being involve in every aspect of our lives: sports, entertainment, arts, NGOs, Schools and education, ..ect. Have one ever heard the Malaysian government ever promoting “LEMBAH BUJANG” or the Greatest Historical find in Malayan History was/still is in Tasik Chinni in Johor ( A Hindu and Chinese civilisation and empire). The government broke the dam and flooded the place to wipe out the evidence. Malaya is soo Hindu and Chinese and Islam and Christianity and ect...  People of Malaysia are you all that stupid that you can’t run and take care of your own country that you need corrupted politics and politician to govern you? Personally for a fact, even the Tunku knows that the people of Malaya can govern and take care of themselves. See what ‘stupid development and politics can bring? Even Indonesia which has the biggest Muslim populist in the world practices “Pancasila” and fully respects all faith and spiritual beliefs and rituals. Indonesia has a lot to teach us but look at how the Malaysia government treats Indonesia and its people. Malaya is not like that, the world respected and looked up at us as Malayans a Nation born in the Spirit of Nationalism.   The ruling party is destroying not only the People of Malaya but also the environment every day, night and day, day in and day out by chopping down virgin Malayan forest but then turning it into oil palm plantations and dumping tones of chemicals into the soil.  One has to wonder how one could feel as such (greedy, arrogance, lust) knowing full well nature itself is not free to be Merdeka( independent).
The Fatwa Counsel of Malaysia who said Yoga is illegal for Muslims in Malaysia to practice has now said even shisha is illegal. This reminds me of tobacco and cigarettes, tobacco does not kill anyone because it’s a plant and if one don’t wish to consume this plant, one is still consuming this plants waste which is oxygen but cigarettes are produce and made by BIG cigarettes companies and they would kill you. So you know, when they have the ‘no tobacco month’ tell to the ones who organize those stupid events to get their facts right and rephrase it into “NO Cigarette Month” and to brands like Dunhill, LM’s , Kent...ect. Don’t hate the tobacco just a plant and its part of nature. Shisha, illegal?  What a joke, want to know why? The term shisha is form hashish (the Quran full supports kurnian*creations* of Allah), shisha which is actually used for consuming Ganja until the American Government forced upon the UN member countries to adopt Its Drug laws. Malaysia’s Fatwa Council is so full of itself and thinks that they are more Islamic then Indonesia or even the Middle East. Really, Malaysia a Moderate Muslim country? Malaya yes, and also a Multi spiritual country that’s for sure.  But I realised is not only in my Nation of Malaya that people like to dictate or tell others what to do and what not to, even the current Pope Francis who went to Brazil (do remember South America is in the grips of one of the bloodiest drug related violence where innocent lives are lost ever minute) , Rio to address around 2 million youths and millions of others and you know what he said; ‘ continue this war on drugs and let those people die’. Is this what a so called spiritual leader supposes to say? Saint Malakai is right, he (Pope Francis) is the 112 Popo and the last Pope for the end of times simply because no Pope ever should endorse death on the innocent (millions of people around the world have died in the so called ‘war on drugs) and no spiritual leader should ever support a war and annihilation/extinction of plants(Ganja, Coca, Opium, Magic Mushroom) because they are all creations of the Divine(God) and they are nature. No wonder the 111Pope resign from his duties, he is a “true disciple” of Christ. Bless you Father for doing what’s Right and Truthful.
Here is a important ‘point of view’ to the Ancient Astronaut Theories, ever wonder why all the Global Government Cover-up on all thing Alien and the never ending war on drugs? See all ancient cultures and tradition used and consumed mind expanding plants to reach different and higher state of conciseness. Hack, the whole hippy revolution fuelled the age of computer and technological advancement but why is society going down a downwards spiral? Nature is illegal and is not fully respected, that a fact and the whole ‘truth’ my fellow Children of Earth. James Cameron who made Avatar said if we were to go and find life on other planets we will destroy it or they may destroy us. For that, I don’t buy StarBucks Coffee anymore, why? Mermaids (YouTube: Animal Planet: Mermaid Body found/ Mermaid the New Evidence/ Mermaid caught on cam in Israel) are real and so is Bigfoot but what and where is the evidence? Government/ special ops cover-ups. People-people, one may ask why? Imagine when tomorrow you find out all those things you thought that were fairy tale or ledges came to life and that we share our forest/ jungles with the friends of the forest and a “true being” called Bigfoot. Imagine when tomorrow you find out that the sea/ocean is the “Kingdom of Mer” where Mermaids rule. Now that’s not fairy tale but actual reality(((to the Sea Shepherd, I would like to say this; “super job on what you are all doing and having a leader li Paul Watson(a Ultimate Pioneer in Nature Activism you all a truly a model and inspiration to the ‘Children Of Earth’)))  but if that’s the case, it means no more deep sea gold(black or shiny) digging( me thought documentaries were about discovery but not about humans greed for gold discovery. Shows such as: Gold rush, Baring sea gold, Deep sea Gold or polluting the waters without the Mermaids approval; no chopping and over development of the land without the approval of Bigfoot. Even the Xingu Tribe of Brazil is losing their ancestries land and they are our fellow human brothers and sisters.  What a shame human as a being have become? With science and technology we have become far to distance from not only earth and nature but also from our “True Independent Spiritual Self”.
With that said, I want the Ancient Astronaut people to ponder upon this. You know I go for one of the most awesome and ‘Malaya’s Hidden Secret’ my Yoga class with my Super Awesome Guru G

 Remember the last time I mention (in my last few articles) that we went on our “Soma Journey” (our forest/jungle Yoga retreat).  Ok, explain to me how can a person after consuming nature and getting into a higher state of their mind (saying and chanting the sacred hems) levitate not just a foot or two but seven to nine feet above the ground? Or how Guru G could mover a not stone but a big granite block (3/4 a size of a Perodua Kancil Car? Or how we can see him meditate and but all of a sudden we heard a crack in the air (imagine the sound of a whip cracking in the air) we close our eyes of less than a second and Guru G is not where he was. Then less than a minute or so we hear the crack sound again and Guru G is back with a little of something from all of us. He gave me my spiritual book which I personally keep under my pillow. How did Guru G go and get my kitab(book) in my room pass my  hall and my door(room and front) which are both locked? The only technological items were our phones but the batteries were already out. If/ knowing that my Guru G can do what he does with no science to explain and no technology to help, one has to wonder why are we so into technology when it is/was a creation(thought)from our own brain. Do you actually think beings of other planets need to be like us (humans exploit and destroy our own planets resources) in the name of development and progress? Humans you are searching to far out when in actual truth one has to search within and let nature/plants be your guide/teachers).  Nature holds the Key and having the right Teacher, Dan day val(Thank You) Guru G you made me a ‘true believer and follower’. The most authentic Yoga I am most blessed and honoured to be part of. I love my Yoga and My True Guru G.
So with that said we need to take so serious action in order to save not only Mother Earth and Nature but also ourselves “Children of Earth”. Even my Guru G and all his Bayar(Baba Brothers) 4 to even 7milion of them said enough is enough and now something collective has and must be done. The simple reason what prompted my Guru G to do this because of this incident: Imagine one of our student (the one who still think they are living in China) was helping us (including Guru G) to prepare Bhang Lassi for our Puja Time for YogaRaja when suddenly this student literally started to sway from side to side and said that she got high by just touching the Ganja. All my Guru G said was, grow girls grow.   
As my Guru G said and so it shall be, we are doing a massive Mahajuna Puja(Prayer for the walking sprites and land) whereby is like witch craft but even more stronger (7 million) over doing the ritual at the same time. This are not only Babas or Yogis, they are Ulamas, Ustaz, Rabbi, Priest, Monks, ect...(all highly spiritual teachers/ leaders of their fait and faithful). What this Puja is about it to invoke the most powerful of ill will spirits and its sole purpose is to protect the plants that we are about to plant. The plants we/me are mainly doing the Puja(prayer) for are Ganja, Opium, Coca, Magical Mushroom and all things natural which were made illegal by man. So don’t be shocked or panic stricken when you do see a Ganja plant growing near Bukit Aman( Chief Police Office in Malaysia), Government offices or even in front of KLCC.( Remember we travel around the world to, you may find Ganja growing in Buckingham Palace or on the lawn of the White House. Touch it, pluck it( be sure it’s in the intent to consume), use it but most importantly respect this plants because it’s a Divine Gift and no ‘man made law’ can stop this growing not. Seriously!!! Remember this Mahajuna Puja, it’s a curse: who ever pulls/ kills/ destroys (has the thought/intent to spiritually and physically harm) this plants which have been made illegal by man, wait not too long to see what going to happen not only to you( the hand that harmed  it(nature/plants) will not exist or even worst: Death will fall, painful death not sudden) and your loved one( family and relatives). To painful to even write about, so one wishes to push you limit/chance, just do it but don’t say we did not “warn” you. Trust 7million, it’s NO JOKE!!!

This is my recent harvest near a place in Kuala Lumpur called Bukit Tunku, and such a good choice to plant Ganja Ma there because of the place significance.( Its called Bukit Tunku, you know: Aren’t the trees beautiful? “” Afraid the authorities might...... Remember Mahajuna Puja (the curse is not limited to Malaysia it’s also a worldwide/global event). We personally saw two police officers trying to get to our Ganja garden but both of them fell into the ravine {not to worry, it was a short fall but both (the officers) had a concoction (knocked his head) memory loss.} Don’t believe, do the unthinkable and harm nature which man made illegal and see what happens to you and your whole loved ones. Don’t say we did not Warn mankind, so Come my “Children of Earth” let us stand up for what’s TRUE. Mother Earth, Nature and Plants have and have a Right to be Free and Independent. It like what Guru G said, “All the great prophets from Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, to Buddha to Vishnu that they all pointed us to the right direction but we (mankind) became arrogant and stupid. What all those prophets and teacher had in common is that they always had and showed to their followers that let nature be/is your guide (prophets from Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad all had a shaft or stick to guide them first and Buddha to Vishnu all sat under trees to Meditate.)
So have you “Children of Earth” somehow lost your way? Stop over developing the earth and destroying her (Mother Earth) then let nature and plants be your teacher but do always pay a lot of respect to it (Divine Gifts) first and start to plant the “Seed of Hope”. “The Divine is watching with a Smile”. Its Growing Green Time!!!
 MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA,                                                                                                        
T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot   

   PS: I feel so sad that I use to see last time my Guru G plucking flowers and leaf of different trees for different kinds of Pujas.  But of recent, Guru G has paused for do so and he even said to us that the level of oxygen in the atmosphere is really- really-really getting less (do remember Guru G, no technology and also in Yoga we do Prana*breathing*) . What Guru G said even confirmed my research, even leading scientist have said that the oxygen level on Earth now stands in its twenty percentages (20%). With channels that meant to be promoting family values like Disney, gas a programme line up phrased” Fight, Camera and Action( instead of lights, camera and action) and what’s even F(F for fake) and full of hypocrite, shows like Teen Beach Movie and Super Strikers. Teen Beach Movie is a movie set in the 60’s and 70’s and Super Strikers is a cartoon that has a character called Dancing Rasta and he is from Jamaica, so where is the Ganja in the  both the shows? One might say it’s a kid’s show and it’s not appropriate (kids today are even more informed then their parents), but people do remember it’s the main part of the historical significance of that era(60’s and 70’s) and its part of culture, tradition and spirituality(remember Ganja is very much part of Rastafarian practice) but what Snoop Dog did and became Snoop Lion, that Dumb. Just plant people before the rest of humanity become Snoop Donkey (you know there is another way of calling a donkey, one should know right?)
“Get Growing Ganja Children of Earth”

PS2: Three Videos and all has really profound meaning, do bare your soul. It’s for our Home, Mother Earth. 

 PS3: Personally yours truly did not want to write for this line (PS3) but many people were mailing me and saying that the videos were not able to view. (FIND ON YOUTUBE (in this order): Hijau - Zainal Abidin, MYSTERY OF PLANTS HD, Goonj - The Empty Call [2013] Documentary) Truth is the Malaysian government is monitoring THETUNKU because they feel that we are a threat and even your truly feels threaten but the TRUTH must be said. A site dedicated to our Founding Father The Tunku and to Malaya and the True meaning to be Free. A Malayan Uprising is a Must but it must be by the Malayan and NOT Malaysian People. LONG LIVE MALAYA, LONG LIVE THE TUNKU AND LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE. MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA. THE SPRIT OF NATIONALISM IS IN MALAYANS!!!