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21 December 2012

            GANJA: IS A BHANG LIFE


NOTE: For what is worth, this article is in no way and in no intent in any way to offend or disrespect any person, race, religion or faith. The writer (yours truly) wishes to apologise in advance if most of the points in this article does in fact offend anyone, the writer is however not sorry for stating the ‘truth’, remember, no one is perfect except earth itself and the Divine. The article is from my perspective and opinion for what the writer feels and wishes to address to the readers (the Children of Earth) that a Yuga(Moment/Time) of important significance is about to happen in our lifetime and right before our very eyes. The arrival of the ‘Golden age’, the moment of “Ultimate Divine Truth” on this place we call home (Earth). So, do enjoy the read people and I truly hope it(this article) will change your mind, body and spirit on how one view this Earth we call Mother.

I’ve been writing for a long-long time about Bhang/Ganja and trying my level best to impart as much knowledge and know how on what this beautiful but really very much misunderstood plant means to me, my people and to the spiritual and Divine Nature of her(Bhang/Ganja) existence and being. Why misunderstood? Simple, it is mankind’s unrealistic greed for power, money and most important of all to control (white rule over coloured). One may think why? Simple, because this is a plant that every common person can grow and use/consume so that they can to live a healthier and full life; spiritually, mentally and an excellent physical wellbeing. The best part, she (Ganja) is free and its from nature. Activism in my country Malaya (also known as Malaysia) for Ganja , Cannabis , Marijuana( so many names) had and have to be so underground because of the penalties that Bhang consumers have to endure(remember, death penalty for possession. Even thou, our ruling government, who has been in power since the time of independence and is still crazily fat for more power to rule over the people, is doing such a bad job by acting to the international community and countries by stating that they ‘may’ abolish the death penalty. After killing some many of your own country folk with this stupid Mahathir’s mad-mad man made laws and you (the government) not being accounted for? Even the Tunku may his soul rest in peace thinks not!!! Even stating that like Mahatma Gandhi for India our founding Father The TUNKU who gave us Malayans our Freedom of Independence and who also consumed Ganja and who have stated it openly and who is totally opposes and against the death penalty for simple possession have not made any head way in this beautiful nation of mine.

Where else in the west, the Medical Marijuana Movement and the No to Greed and Yes to Weed Movement is gaining such headway, I hope we see a real change soon. I really mean soon as possible........

With that being said, a lot has been mention about this 2012 year of the end and from the looks of it, isn’t it on the verge of the end? What have humanity done to deserve the right to live when we have even placed man mad laws on nature and on divines creations? Plants that have and hold psychedelic and mind expanding qualities(one could say as even God or Divine properties) are immediately classified as a man made term called ‘drugs’ when this plants played and plays such importance in the development in human conciseness.

Sending ourselves into space in search of other planets like ours when we as humans end up destroying her(planet earth) in the first place? Polluting her waters, chopping down her lungs for her breathing inhabitants and calming it to be all part of and in the name of development and progress for humanity thirst for knowledge and the expansion of science and technology; In all, to improve mankind/ humanity. Seriously? I remember when science was about learning to understand nature and to respect its workings and technology was about helping us as a species to ease our lives and not to over whelm it. A teenager selling her virginity just so that she could get an IPhone and be one with her friends! What happen to playing with toys or skipping rope? If one were to be joyful and laughing because one just feels positive and good, people and society is so fast to judge and call you crazy or weird. They want you to be positive but not too positive? What? Getting to know a person or even your future life partner now is even more of a hurdle, when you try to get to know this person he/she does not give you the light of day or night because he/she has around three hundred over followers on Facebook or Twitter. Technology, here to save the day or to help humanity distance themselves further apart from each other! Misguiding humanity? Where today being bad and corrupted is ok by society’s standards but being humble and spiritual one gets called a ‘hippy’ or a ‘tree huger’. Things are moving too fast and the society is so lost and you know what can make that all change and slow it down so that we can take a step back and out of the box so we could look at what we in our wake of destruction, have done to our planet? Come on people we have brains to send people to the Moon or now even Mars but we still don’t even care for our planets green inhabitants who provide its breathing habitants oxygen. Human made laws to wipe this plants out form this planet because we called them drugs? We wear clothes so to distance ourselves form animals and beast and to call ourselves the dominant race/species on this planet called Earth but yet humans have no clue to what extend they have disconnected for the Divine Nature of this planet. Are you all as a human species lost your minds or have become that stupid until you need the ones who made all what you see return to answer this question?

I’ll have to stop here because we are getting ready for the dawning of a new “Age” and spiritually we should all be ready. Remember, for that Hinduism (a term the British used to describe this group of people who practice their devotion much different from their Muslim countrymen. Hence India was divided, and now we have a Hindu {India} and Muslim state {Pakistan}) is a “way of life” and no human in their right mind would have placed a law on universal laws unless it was to control other humans. Trust me when I say this, humans as a species has to answer to which or whatever your belief may be and the question will be as such; Why did you not use your brain to not wage a war on plants and nature? Don’t you know that (Nature) is Divine? The Maya belief and prophesied, not predicted might I remind you. Prediction is like guessing, like what the score is going to be in a sports game or match. Beliefs are a very-very different ball and this time it isn’t a game. They(meaning the Maya) are True to Nature and Spirituality. The Maya have said that when 21 December 2012 comes or in this case arrive, their calendar will end and a dawning of a new ‘Age’ will arrive and oh yeh, nine of their Divine Creators are and will be returning. Now the question goes like this: What do you belief in, humans or Nature? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock people of Earth, Nature will always WIN because she’s the creation of the Divine Creator of everything, that includes space and beyond. That includes aliens; this is for those ancient astronauts theorist.

The real reason I chose to write is for a simple reasons. One, after sooo many facts that has come forth both from the medicinal, practical and spiritual use Ganja potentially has but yet no change of mindset and heart. There is this cartoon on Disney channel called, ‘Phineas & Ferb’ and in one of the episodes; they have a Hindu friend from India whose name is Bal Jit. The producers of the show keep emphasizing that he is from India, so anyway he (Bal Jit) was waiting for beef steaks to fall from the sky so they(the whole cast of the cartoon) can eat. And it did, fall flat on his (Bal Jit’s face)! Just one thing, “cows are sacred to Hindus”. White superiority as always, total understanding and respect of others culture and ‘way of life’! A civilisation and culture which origins are way since the dawn of time itself, who invented language and writing(Sanskrit), who also invented numbers and (siever/sifa in Sanskrit) for zero(0) and who also knew what an atom(Anu in Sanskrit) was called way before any microscope was invented. No wonder our ‘power crazy’ government of Malaysia can still ridicule the Indian race and people of Malaya. So where is the respect for humanity of ancient knowledge and wisdom? Seven out of ten American are medical marijuana patients(cough- chough, what a joke) and out of ten marijuana dispensaries, five to seven of them have images of Hindu Gods in them. Thankful, yes but this also means that the west today acknowledges the fact that Bhang/Ganja/Cannabis/ ect.... is soo and very much part & parcel of Hinduism. So, ‘Truth Be Told’, right? A President who won for a second term and who for this year for the first time (not wishing before, three years since his first term in office) who wished Happy Deepavali to all of Indian/ Hindu faith and belief but still fell short of giving the real light of truth for them and that is the “Freedom of Faith” and to Live as one with Nature as part of their culture, practice and believe. Ganja is Bhang and like it or not she and her kind will be set free. For you see, the Earth & Nature can do without Humans, but we can’t do without Earth & Nature. She will be set Free and the ‘TRUTH’ will overcome the darkness that humans have done to her (Mother Earth & Nature) and her Divine creator will “Set Things Right”. “Divine Truth Will Shine”

Well wishes to Humanity,(the message has been sent and you have been warned). Remember hurricane Sandy. Technology to the rescue??? Yeah right. When the 2004 Asian tsunami hit, the only thing left standing in Ache was the Mosque and when Japan was hit with a massive earthquake which also brought about a huge tsunami, Buddha stood tall when the dust settled, even the Divine tried to let humanity know but to no avail. Humans you have lost your respect and love for the Divine and the creations of the Divine. Earth is Mother, so how can you humans rape your own Mother??? You have angered the Father of Creation. Do remember humans and that is: For every action that has and is an equal and opposite reaction. KARMA, KARMA & KARMA

Om Namo Shivaya; Om Namo Shivaya; Om Namo Shivaya;




T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot

(PS: Below I posted some videos on documentaries and music on the topic at hand and my personal letter of reply from the President of the United States of America. Notice that nothing about Bhang or Ganja was even or ever mention. Wishing Deepavali is not so important then to do what is right. Do the Right Thing. Wish and Hoping is what The Children of Earth are asking, for the TRUTH to be set Free Mr President, Give Nature her Right to be. Set GANJA MA FREE. NAMASTE & TERIMA KASIH Mr President)

(PS1: Like it or not even in the Bible, in the Book of Revelation it states that; Satan in its form will first challenge and to even see the hands of God and by doing so bring to existence the Anti-Christ into power and once humanity is fully immense and drown by its power the False Prophet will even hold the universe and bring it into the house of the lord(Church) and will lead humanity to their downfall and that will be the sign for the Return of the Son of God, Jesus. Just out of curiosity?

Didn’t God state in the Bible that he created us (humans) in his image and that Satan is within all? Remember Disney cartoons, bad Mickey on the left shoulder and good Mickey on the right shoulder. Humans already have created the church of Satan and now the church of Scientology. Using science to even see if they (humans) can manipulate God with the creation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, which was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research . It lies in a tunnel twenty seven kilometers (roughly seventeen miles) in circumference, as deep as hundred and seventy five meters (five hundred and seventy four feet) beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. It was invented and built for the sole purpose to find the God particle, basically the Creators hand. Now do you see ‘us’(humans) as Satan and Science as the Anti-Christ so where is the False Prophet. You are looking at it(not the words that the writer is writing or the writer),’ technology’. Even the pastors and priest of holy places of worship have said that kids today even though they may be at church but they are so busy on their IPhones or IPads chatting, texting and playing with games. One kid even showed to the pastor an App application of a wallpaper form his IPhone of an actual universe, belief it or not it happens in Church. Prophecy Fulfil

(PS2: Do remember that all we are asking is for humanity to respect the existence of Plants and to let their species be free to be loved and worshiped. It is our “Way of Life” and Do know that Bhang belongs to our Divine Creator; Jai Maha Bhang Bolanath Shiva Shambo. Humans you have waged war and not chosen peace. Divine peace will be for the ‘True Believers’, but for the rest of humanity, you have brought upon yourselves your own destruction. Aham Brahmashmi, Ayam Brahmashmi .

(PS3: Friday 21 of Dismember 2012 is near and I have made my choice, my Yoga Guru has prepared a special class for that day to ‘welcome’ in the “dawn of the Golden Age”. Even though I have grown my Ganja plants and I presented it to my Guru, he just took it and lit it up with a fire in his chillum and consumed it in a ‘yagna’. So I asked him; Guru G, why did you burned the Bhang when this buds are freshly plucked and harvested, and it is not from the Ganja provider(drug: (don’t like this term) provider). Its home grown. Now even in America, many states are legalising Ganja for recreational use, so why burn Bhang Guru G? Then my Guru replied with a very calm manner; no doubt they(the west) have moved forward in their approach to Aya’s Presat(divine food) but here in Malaya it is still considered ‘death penalty’ for possession of a certainty amount. Twenty years jail for possession of a small Bhang plant and whipping by the cane is not what me as your Yoga Guru wishes his Sishiens(students) to go through. Didn’t you remember the picture on your phone you showed your Guru? Now does it make sense my child. Me ( I showed my Yoga Guru my new phone which by the way does use only computer chips and comes from Korea has an application made by someone who had a picture of a very-very important image of our Maha Yogaraja Guru on it in an application and even Yogaraja had to consume Bhang in a ‘yagna’ form and with a chillum) now make sense of it all, it’s a sign and that is the picture in the very beginning of my article. All my Guru and us as “Children of Earth” are asking and wanting is for us to have the unconditional right to consume and worship Nature and the Divine creations. Good on you ‘west’, recreational but we consume for spirituality and a practice so ancient, it is a “way of life”. It’s a Divine Call, humanities Judgment will be by the Divine Judge. Mother will have ‘peace’ and balance will be restored. ‘Way of Life’ is always “Divine”.

You know, after writing so long on a subject very close and great importance to our existence as a being on this Bumi (Earth), I’ve come to understand this; Bhang or also known as Ganja Ma is a plant that can teach us humans a lot. The most amazing thing is that Ganja has two plants but to each their own sex (male/female). These people that go about saying that there are now more potent Ganja plants which the cannabis (Ganja) producers are bioengineering are I guess having their heads in too much of petrol fumes. Imagine you have a male Ganja plant from the Philippines and a female Ganja plant from Thailand and at the same time in America some person got a female Ganja plant from Jamica and a male Ganja plant from Mexico and mixed their pollen. So now we have a mix breed of Philippines + Thai = (PT: male/female kids) and Mexican + Jamaica= (MJ: male/female kids). So now this person comes to say Malaya where the PT kids are growing and brings a MJ male to give to his Malayan buddy to grow and get them (the Ganja family) married. Now we have a “super potent breed (PTMJ) which is natural but the only difference here is that we as humans unconditional love for this Goddess Ganja Ma so much so that we had a hand rather than Nature because by the time we wait for the birds, bees or the butterfly to get the pollen from Thailand to Jamaica. They (birds/bees/butterfly) would have to go through all the pollution and hell humans have put forth to make their journey as hazardous and deadly as possible. So you see Ganja Ma is actually our Guru and she and her husband Ganja Aya are teaching us just that, it goes the same to us as humans as well. When we mix breed and mix our genes, humans as a species would be not just potent but would turn out to be more ‘super human’ then we can ever imagine. That’s a fact; Ganja is a destroyer or ‘racism’ and the bringer of “Peace & Love”. So even if the President of the United States of America does not do what his Divine purpose he won his second term for, so to ‘end the war on drugs and humanity’ and set Ganja Ma free by 21 of December 2012, trust Nature when I say this because I am just your guide and messenger: No doubt she (Mother Nature) has no voice but her savvier does and its (Divine Creator) returning with a bang. Hey what can I say, “Ganja is Divine” & “Ganja, is a Bhang Life”.

Jai Maha Yogaraja Bhang Shiva Presat


(Here is the letter. The time I received the Message of Response from the President:
Friday, April 20, 2012 2:40 AM)


April 19, 2012

Dear Friend:
Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans concerned about environmental issues, from recycling and pollution control to the well-being of our national parks and wildlife. I appreciate your perspective.

America's natural resources and landscapes are among our Nation's most precious treasures. We have an obligation to be responsible stewards of our environment and to protect these resources for future generations.

My Administration is taking action to protect and restore our land, water, and air. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which I signed in 2009, provides funding for hazardous waste cleanup, wastewater infrastructure construction, and projects that improve our Nation's parks and wildlife refuges. In March 2009, I also signed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, the most extensive expansion of land and water conservation in more than a generation. It designates thousands of miles of trails under the National Trails System, protects more than 1,000 miles of rivers, and secures millions of acres of wilderness.

As individuals, we can all take steps to reduce our impact on our environment. Americans can walk, bike, and use public transportation; buy products with less packaging; recycle and reuse paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum; and teach young people about environmental preservation. Families can save money by purchasing energy-efficient products, turning off lights, and unplugging appliances. These small changes in our daily lives help build a cleaner, safer planet. To learn more about our environment and how you can make a difference, I encourage you to visit or For more information on ground water and drinking water, please visit To learn about America's Great Outdoors Initiative, visit or read my 2011 Great Outdoors Month proclamation.

Thank you, again, for writing.

Barack Obama

(Here are the videos for the CountDown to the Unfolding of the Truth)



(Only now the 'west' are starting to understand)

(Listen to the words and feel the tune with your heart mind & soul)



(Hey-Hey-Hey or in this scenario,  Jai-Jai-Jai Bhang Ki Shiva Prasat, our "Way of Life, Culture & Tradition".The Symphony of Life, OM NAMO SHIVAYA JAI BOHLANATH JAI  )





Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Live The TUNKU

It’s TIME, Change Has to Come. “BERSIH”

Malaya[when Singapore and the other federations  joined Malaya she was called Malaysia but since Singapore, {making up the ‘sia’ in Malaysia} is not part of our nation that is why the writer calls our beautiful nation of our by her first name that The TUNKU first proclaimed her independence to the ‘Children of this Nation’, “MALAYA”]  also known as Malaysia as it is known around the world as a Commonwealth country, practices democracy, is part of the United Nations and claims and boast of its acceptance as an ASEAN member state and an OIC member. It is not the nation Malaya that is doing this claiming and boosting but the people who are sooo full of themselves and govern its citizen with an ‘iron fist’ on the rights of freedom and civil liberties, police stating its own people in order to gain control and power.  Those people, yes the government that has been in power from the time of Independence. Over stayed their welcome? Yes indeed.
Funny, the citizens of this nation took such a long time to awaken but awaken they did with this sudden movement. They wore yellow and clamped for change, “BERSIH”; civil freedom was and is in the air. Only One Day???  Come on people of this nation, you wish to have ‘positive change’ but you all are not willing to stand for it??? And you have a human that turnout to be an Ass(donkey) of a PM who claimed that the people who took part in this yellow rally where planning to overthrow the government of the day, and he even went on calming that they( the yellow movement) were planning to make it into Tariq Square Part 2. They are fellow Malayans (Malaysians) who you are accusing, the “People of this Great Nation.” ”Malaya”
Wow, here you have a PM claiming that the yellow movement were planning to make it into Tariq Square, Egypt. So who is he, Husni Mubarak? Is our PM a Dictator? Ordering the long arm of the law to fire on its own people 900 over tear gas canisters and spraying them with chemical laced water cannons. All because the people of this Malaya nation wanted what the Founding Father “The TUNKU” ensured his people that they will have, “FREEDOM”. Even the London riots did not have that much of tear gas fired on the protestors by the police. And that was a riot and lasted in London for almost a month. Malaysia a democracy? Hahahahahhahah, what a laugh!!!  Crappie best actor award goes to (drum roll, please): The Malaysian government. Booooooooooooooooooooo(I can go on) Sad part of this story, the people of this nation have the same effect, ‘Fake-ness syndrome’(‘F’ means: Fake or Fake-ness and not any profanity. Come on people, no doubt this politician have made us angry and pissed but we don’t have to be stupid and stoop to their level).  Like father, like son/ (in Malay: bapa borek, anak rintik. What’s the point of going to a foreign county and saying that, wow look how nice the grass is on the other side when you have the same land that you live on here but the only difference is, you end up spitting on your own ground more often then protecting and standing up for her (Malaya). Have some integrity people of Malaya, it’s your home. It can be GREEN to.
Then the government including the PM claimed that the Opposition were planning a coup de ta(over throw the government) but the ruling government forgot of their own history. Whereby they themselves led by the newly and corky UMNO youth wing in 1969, orchestrated one on this nations bloodiest racial riots and together with their own coup data led by Dr. Mahatir, Daim, and Harrun to overthrow the Tunku and now them (those F) think that the sprite of TUNKU and this nation called Malaya forgot about that part of history??? Karma Baby, Karma. She will come for YOU.......
Police state, you may think I’m joking. Tell me, claimed Muslim state yet you can find alcohol and beers at any convenient store or seven eleven store but “GANJA” is still punishable by death in this ‘hypocritical’ country ruled by morons. Allah created nature and GANJA is part of that, BUMI dan KAZANAH TUHAN. People of Malaya, remember you make this politicians and “trust me” when I say this. You made them, you can also break them. They (the government) are there to serve and work for the people and “”NOT-NOT-NOT”” to serve their own selfish greed. Hari Raya is a time of festivities and joy but how can one explain to anyone or person on this planet that, only in this country when a person gets caught for anything for that matter and in this case for fireworks possession (Malaysia fireworks are illegal for its citizens to own and play with but for government and special tycoons who have good connection with corrupt official, no problem). Would you have to do a urine test at the police station for possession of fireworks on the eve of Hari Raya??? And what about for drugs??? For the one/person being caught is a fellow Muslim brother who is about to celebrate this auspicious occasion??? YES, only a piss ass corrupted swine of an official who governess this Beautiful and Wonderful nation Malaya would. They booked this person, not for the possession of so called illegal fireworks but because the urine test was found to be positive with Ganja. So now two years in prison, a truly Muslim brother of mine was now going to spend his Raya in jail. Ponder why Malaysia has so many brain drains? Screw you government and F you all. Remember we made you, we will break you. The sprite of TUNKU lives in this land and within its people.
To the government of the day, don’t you dare think there is no justice? The day is on the horizon for you to be held accountable for your actions and when you touch a fellow brother or sister, he or she may be a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Penan, Kadazan, ect.... He or she is a Malayan and the sprite of this land and its founding father ‘The TUNKU’ and Fathers of Justice will show this government, ‘what can the strength of a nation do when they awaken to the ‘TRUTH’.  “MERDEKA=FREEDOM”
“Kepecayan Kepada Tuhan: Believe In God”
Ganja is soooooo part of this, GANJA Kurnian(Gift) ALLAH

It's a Orang Hutans Life, Nature Man....
Watch and you decide.
Here is a small synopsis of the events that unfolded that day. My Guru and a couple of our yoga group went to this event and here is what we witness during the BERSIH 3.0 event. (1) The first video you can hear the police clearly shouting and provoking the participants to ‘go home’ (it’s said in Malay). (2) The second video, one can clearly see a person (plain clothes policeman wearing a yellow t-shirt) provoking the situation whereby he throws a plastic cone into the crowd. You can see a few seconds later a group of police personnel waling and coming from the side where the guy who threw the cone. You can see that the provocateur who wore yellow to pretend to be part of the crowd not being apprehended (caught). You know why? He was placed there by those same people, to instigate the violence. (3) Now the third video is one of my favourite but appalled as well because you can clearly hear and see a policeman say to the truck driver lagi-lagi-lagi, kena pun tapa(means: can-can-can, hit them also it’s OK). Then you can hear fellow Malayans talking about what the police personnel said and feeling sooo disgusted by it. They even said their opinion on the issue. (4) And the last video is about how this peaceful perticipants in yellow marching hand in hand with just their banner being stormed by a huge group of police personal and many who were fleeing had been arrested and subjected to police brutality. Now the question remaiins, why? Why after so long now only would I realise(make public) this video. The reason is that, the government setted up its own investigation body to find out what really conspired on that day but the person leading the investigation, Hanif claimed even before the people in yellow took to the streets(public propriety the streets mind you, it’s the peoples right) calling them traitors to the nation and communist. Peace loving Malayans (Malaysian) being labelled just for believing in civil liberties and freedom in democracy. Then we have an independent human rights body in Malaysia called SUHARKAM who are doing their own investigation.  But now I ask the people of Malaya, what was the point what we still see this OLD government still ruling us and yet can portray to the entire world that its citizens are happy, fire on its people almost a thousand tear canisters and not held accountable by anyone. Even from the international community? BULL SH*T. So now, I feel the world is and shall be the rightful judge to see for them self and to know the “TRUTH”. You be the Judge and Jury, and to the international community and the Human Rights Watch of the world don’t be fooled by our corrupted and fattened government lies that we as a nation are happy. Personally we are Happy because we have to put a smile on our face and a song in our hearts in order to live. Truth be said we truly need to be free, not just another catch phrase like” Malaysia Truly Asia”. Happy Pizza anyone, it comes with a Hangman’s special, ‘noose’. A country which the government claims it’s democratic and liberal but not in practices. Bhang is BERSIH, lets LIVE A TRULY GREEN, GANJA LIFE. (This Videos are not posted on YouTube and I would like to keep it that way. Thank You)

T.A.R. Vijaya@ the Patriot
PS: 24 of April 2012 saw over 50 plus years of what our government could not do be done in a matter of movement, the Yellow(BERSIH) Movement, BERSIH 3.0 brought people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds standing together for the reason that even Ambiga one of the chairperson of the BERSIH committee said, ‘it’s the peoples will’. The nation stood as one and how does the government labels us the people who are part of a civil movement, with their(government) state and privately run media outlets, in one of their propaganda videos portrayed the BERSIH participants(a group of Malaysian Chinese) as ‘musuh negara’(enemy of the state and country). And you say the government running this show for that long is not playing with racisms? What have you been smoking on, I doubt it GANJA. Why? It would have made you to think more deeply and with a better sense of clarity.

Remember: “””Kepercaian kepada TUHAN: Belief in GOD.”””
Children of Malaya, rejoice because you are the ones that have stated your right under the sun, this nation we call HOME. The Malaya Movement has begun and we as a Nation are just getting started.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Truth" will find the WAY

In Search Of “TRUTH”
NOTE: For what is worth, this article is in no way and in no intent in any way to offend or disrespect any person, race, religion or faith. The writer (yours truly) wishes to apologise in advance if most of the points in this article does in fact offend anyone, the writer is however not sorry for stating the ‘truth’, remember, no one is perfect except earth itself and the Divine. The article is from my perspective and opinion for what the writer feels and wishes to address to the readers (the Children of Earth). As much facts and truth I intend and wish to deliver to you all. Do enjoy the read people and I truly hope it(this article) will change your mind, body and spirit on how one view this Earth we call Mother.[Date of Article being posted: Monday 20 February 2012 (MahaShivaratri)]

Sunday, 01 January 2012, for every other Malaysians, is just a day to celebrate or usher in the New Year, ‘drinks all around’, but not for me, I quitted sometime ago, it’s more like a personal choice. Anyways, it was the day I started to think how, what and when to write what I’ve wanted to write for so long. Then finally it came to my mind. Firstly with great blessings from Allah, Christ Oh My Lord, Abraham, Kuan Yin(Chinese Goddess of Mercy) , Buddha, my Maha Maha Deva, Maha Maha Guru & Maha Maha Prabu Shiva Shambo Maha Yogaraja and all that’s spiritual which is part of nature and us, I write to you the people of this earth or for how the Hindus call it Bumi, a Divine Truth. The subject at hand is not simple to put because we as a human species have made such a big deal out of it (being the subject) that we have lost all logical and intellectual ways to look at life itself. Hemp, Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot, Weed, Tai Mah(In Chinese),Ganja(in Hindu) and ..ect. The list is a pretty lengthy one but I personally love to call it Ganja or Bhang.

Bhang has been part of human existence for a very-very long time, for almost fifteen thousand years it has been used medically, spiritually and even holistically by the many human civilizations who lived on this earth and till this day exist and thrive. An integral part of Hinduism which turns out to be one of the oldest ‘way of life’ and civilization in the world to date but, what really surprised me was that from where I’m from Malaysia( the author loves his nation’s first name which the founding Father of the nation, The Tunku named her “Malaya”) Ganja or Bhang is call a drug by the so call authorities (cough- cough Dr.Mahatir) that they(meaning Dr. Mahatir and his cronies) started about 29years ago to amend the law to include the death penalty for possession of this natural God given plant and put it in a category of a schedule one drug, not trafficking but possession people, possession. A directive, which was during the 70’s drafted by none other than the former United States President Richard Nixon, who also coined the term “war on drugs” which our former primer Dr. Mahatir adapted. He said he hated the west but yet accepted its branding and gave the ‘death penalty’ for possession and the use of Ganja (being ridiculously categorized as drugs) and Dr. Mahatir is the one that claimed Malaya is a Islamic state but even our ‘founding fathers” like The Tunku, Hussein Onn and even Tun Razak have said time and time again that Malaya or Malaysia which ever name one chose’s to call but it’s ‘Home’ for us ALL, is a Multi-Racial and Multi-Religious nation and where Islam is the faith of the majority but other people of various faith and beliefs have the right to practice their ‘way of life’ and ‘beliefs’ without fear or persecution. Kepercaian kepada Tuhan: Believe in God is our countries first principle itself, the Rukun Negara. For Hindus, now Ganja is suddenly placed in the same category as drugs, you know a substance that is synthetically or chemically produced in a lab or in an old abandon factory. What that directly means is that, it is in the same schedule as heroin, cocaine and Methamphetamine, Amphetamine just to list a few. WHAT RUBBISH!!! Due to the law being as such after its amendments, it’s hard to find for that matter any of my country folks planting any Ganja plants. So we have the seasons, dry and wet. The ‘drug dealers’ determine that when the grass is green or brown. Sometimes the drugs dealer might want to make a tad more profit and to keep the same customers coming to them; they spray the dry Ganja with a morphine base liquid. You know what that does right? Not only does the person consuming the Morphine laced Ganja get addicted to a chemical drug but getting caught in a police raid or in a police road block(we have them pretty often where Malayans live. Democracy my foot, more like ‘police state’), test out positive for something like heroin which is not natural and they had no idea about it at all. Now, you see how much we natural plant consumers have to go through just for a good Ganja Bud. Amsterdam kind of Ganja Buds are merely a dream for most Malayans and the closest thing we can touch are the images of Ganja and Ganja Buds which are featured on the pages of a High Times magazines that one of our friends manage to smuggle through our customs while he was in the US. How sad is that? More like downright depressing. Well, I think is both, sad and depressing.

We might have to wonder how Kuala Lumpur, Malaya’s capital was suddenly transform from a simple city with history, cultural and family values in the 80’s then suddenly became a sprawling metropolis that is lost. How overnight big Chinese tycoons became rich and how a prime minister could stay in power for sooo long and till to this day, have influence in the political landscape of this land (Malaya). Who said Pablo Escobar was big? Dr. Mahatir not only amended the laws on Ganja but on a set of whole lot of other laws to, check up on our history you’ll find it but check the world archive on Malaya, don’t bother going to our resources they tore out most of the pages and historical facts. Figuratively speaking, wink-wink. Even the history books being thought in our national’s school have been changed sooo many times in order to make the Malay majorities look good. I’m not saying we are not flattered but aren’t we all no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs may be, Malayans? Don’t the Hindu community here in Malaya deserve their right to their belief and the legal right to consume Bhang? Being that, the first constitutional right is to believe in God or in one’s own Spiritual belief. Seeing that the Malaysian government have not ‘officially’ apologised for the desecration and destroying of numerous Hindu temples or places of worship, smashing the statue of Hindu deities and also where a splinter group of some extreme Malays dragging cows heads on the streets to protest against the building of a Hindu temple side by side a Mosque. No ‘official’ apology? Yet they love their curries; love the people and their cultural practices too. Aren’t we one? This society of ours has even labelled the Hindus as tugs, road sweepers and road workers. Even though there are a number of Hindus who are doctors and at large a number of them are lawyers, most of them don’t really care for their own communities needs. Lawyers that don’t even advocate for the legalization for Ganja or repel the law on ‘death penalty’ against the Hindu and the Malayan community, these lawyers (this includes Tamils, Sikhs, ect and the rest of the Malayan community who are lawyers) are a bunch of money grabbing sharks. The Chinese community really have it bad on the Hindus here; I shall give you an example. Hot pants or Hot shorts, whenever they see a dark skinned guy whether it is a Hindu or a Malay guy , the Chinese girls will always try to pull their shorts to try to make it longer felling that the guy is like looking at their legs and thighs, making them feel like they are perverts even though the guy could be with his girl. That goes for even when they are sitting on a chair; do remember that they are the ones who wore such short shorts out in public in the first place. I didn’t think much of it until when I saw a group of Chinese guys coming to the shop which I was in and guess what; they sat in front of the girls, suddenly to my surprise legs in shorts flung open, including the ones in mine skirts. This has been happening in this country, my Home Malaya for far too long, the Chinese community (not all of them) still think that they are living in China, mingle people. Mingle. On a event close to my heart, from what I know and from my research and travels I’ve come to know that the great teachers or gurus of Yoga are from India and they are the Yogis, Saddhus and Babas, the keepers of Hinduism ‘a way of life’ who are so respectful and humble. I was in one well know gym in the city and there was this yoga class that I overheard some of the members chatting about and that they said the instructor is really-really ‘good’ I had to jump into the class to find out for myself. Then she walk in, this Malaysian Chinese instructor wearing a tube top with a very-very low-low cut top and a super-super short pants that was practically digging into her(you know where). Anyway, even that was not the final straw for me but that’s however a total disrespect to the culture that taught us yoga itself Hinduism and the “true gurus” of Yoga the Yogis, Babas and Saddhus but then when the moment she opened her mouth and instructed all that was in the class to start chanting ‘OM......’ that’s when I said this to myself, there are Muslim students here too have some respect Miss Chinese instructor remember where you live. Here(meaning Malaya), the Hindu community has gone through sooo much ‘heck’ and here we have insensitive people who have claim self proclaim wisdom in what they are instructing us to do in this case yoga but having no real truthful idea or clue as to what she’s doing. Trust me, the class was no wow factor either, she was and is soooooo ‘fake’. No wonder in Malaya (Malaysia) the Fatwa (Islamic Laws or Code of Conduct) came out in strong stance against the doing of yoga by its Muslim followers. Trust me my fellow Muslim country folks, even the Yogis in India won’t instruct its students to chant that which is not one’s own spiritual practice. Believe it or not, this instructor is a so called qualified yoga instructor form a yoga association in Malaysia but that’s not the only thing, the best part is that the dude running the whole show is a Malaysian Indian guy who’s bald and has tones of Chinese girls at his grasp but what they learn is anyone guess and these people really-really charge a lot for their classes and courses. Courses are being taught there, now that can explains why there are tones of Chinese girls hanging around there in this dudes establishment, plus they are Chinese and this Mani dude is pretty rich. Money grabbing baldy plus his name is Mani, no wonder the Fatwa is really hard on my fellow Muslim country folks. This Mani is Hindu for show because if he’s ‘true’ to his faith, he would have know about the MAHABHARATA, where a dude form the other side showed his thigh to his opponent wife and in the battle that followed, the one who show his thighs had his legs broken. You can be toples, the Hindus have thee teachings of the Kama Sutra, nudity is ok but to show your thighs or legs. It’s a whole different story; even in Africa is a sign of disrespect too. This Mani yoga dude could have taught this to the so called instructors that he’s certifying but I guess he’s got his head up in their legs. Sick-sick-sick dude. So I felt I have an obligation to stand up against this misguided yoga classes that not only this Chinese instructor is instructing but for the countless others “FAKES” plus this is my last time coming to this one. No more yoga in gyms, I’ll find the right Yoga Guru in due time, so I had to have a word or two with this instructor once the class was over. To give her a piece of my mind, but as soon as class was done when I approach the instructor to talk to her, she started pulling her shorts line lower making me feel like a......To heck with it I left the class, it’s not even worth it for me to even talk to this kind of heartless human who only learn how to speak Malay so that they can get a discount from the Mak Cik(an elderly and wise Malay women) who sells curry puffs(Malay pastries) outside the gym but this Mak Cik has to have her son to bring her in his van to set up shop where else this instructor drives a BMW the latest model and clubs and drinks like a fish and I don’t mean water. She’s suppose to be what now, a Yoga what? Racism has “no” place in this land we call Mother and Home. When in public please do remember where we live, do speak in our national language Malay or in English how can we mingle when you got groupies? Didn’t the Hokkian community which is part of the Chinese community here in Malaya started to call the Hindu community the term ‘k*ling’ (censored word)? It is like the ‘N’ racist word that the white extremis called their fellow African comrades. The Earth and a ‘Home’ like Malaya is for all to be one. At least the Malay community have been at neutrals with the Hindu community, we are part of the Ganja culture but this does’ not include the politicians.

During the early days, there is this small place in the centre of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur call ‘Kampung Baru’. Most Malayans would remember it as being the starting point for the May 13 1969 communal race riots but did you know that Kampung Baru was also the place where honest Malay folks first started their journey of life into the big city. People like Dato Lat(One of the most famous comic creators of Malaya’s time) all found solaces here, it was home. And did you know that at Kampung Baru during those times until the early 80’s you could get fresh Ganja ‘three katom( ganja rolled in brown paper) for ten ringgit. We have lots to learn from our history, during the 1969 riots the community came and stood together is through Ganja and the vision of peace became prevalent. What do you think the effect of Ganja is and in what years were the riots? Peace and Love People, Peace and Love. Plus the Malay community are not that naive; we knew it was a coup d’état against the Tunku. How Dr.Mahatir could have done this to our ‘Father of Independence’, how can Dr.Mahatir sleep at night knowing what he has done towards our Nations Father the Tunku? I for one hope it’s not a peaceful sleep. Trust me when I say this, the spirit of this nation Malaya, her ‘Karma’ will know no boundaries on what to do, the sprite of “TUNKU” is ever more strong and present today than ever before. With our current Primer being Najib, the ‘R.A.H.M.A.N’ theory has finally turned into reality. The “Power Is With The People”. Malayans, your time for ‘TRUTH’ to shine from within you has arrive, Awaken the Children of Malaya. Ganja is not just a plant for us; it made us family and makes us ONE MALAYA.

With this much of information available today about Bhang on the net, books, magazines, Ganja friendly countries (can’t mention them, they may not let me in the next time). Here’s a question, do you know which States and Countries that are trying so hard on heading towards the direction for full legalization? And by doing so, enabling Bumi freedom to finally be free to let her plant Bhang and to grow freely once again to her full glory but these countries can’t fully legalize because of the enactment of the United Nations Drug policy. Now, what was even more interesting was that there was not much of information on why Ganja or Bhang is of real and true importance and of great significant to the Hindus. If one were to go on line and type on the search on many of the web encyclopaedias you’d find that it does mention that Bhang is important to Lord Shiva and to the Hindu faith and beliefs but not much of details. If Ganja was that bad then why are there magazines like High Times, Weed World, Cannabis Culture, ect....... Heck, even Apples or Oranges don’t have a magazine dedicated to them. They might have it on a page in a Gardening magazine but not magazines, books and documentaries dedicated to them, such as in the case for Ganja. What a “Gift of the Divine” this plant Ganja is to humanity.

Humans on the other hand are so hypocritical and that even includes these dudes, ‘The United Nation’. They declared that 2011 is the ‘year for forest’ and yet when the Mexican police discovered a 100 plus hectors of Ganja plantation, they (The UN) didn’t even stop them (the police) from destroying the plants. No doubt it was planted by the drugs lords but in a world where deforestation is happening so fast worldwide, heck even the chief police of the raiding party described it (the Ganja plantation) as a forest and it will take them eight days to clear every tree and destroy them by burning it. What? Isn’t the UN suppose to protect and preserve the various cultures and tradition of the various people of the world? Hinduism being one of the oldest culture and a ‘way of life’ has for aeons been using Ganja as part of their rituals, offerings to their Divine God, Lord Shiva and as part of their centuries old medicinal knowledge the Ayuveda. Why isn’t the UN standing up for the ‘TRUTH’? Even the former UN sectary general Kofi Annan and other former world leaders have stated that the so called ‘war on drugs’ is a total failure and that Ganja should be legalized. How can you dictate which plants can or can’t exist and not expect any consequences from/for your actions? The law of ‘Karma’ is as such. Becoming a tool or puppet for America, but in that process you the UN ended up killing off the very essence of humanity. Clearing hectors of plants and burning it makes you righteous?

Didn’t they (the police) remove these plants so that they (the Ganja) don’t get to the streets or to the hands of the consumers who could medically need this natural gift of God? The police and the law wanted to prevent these people from consuming it in any way they wished but ended up burning it and turning it to smoke just as well, all just to look good for the media and the United States. Do you know what the DEA does with the seized Ganja? You guessed it, burn it. Even the DEA grows Ganja and in one of their grow rooms, room 13 one of their own officers nicked or in this case stole one of the plants and it’s strain is now in seed shops worldwide(meaning countries who sell them) and it’s buds are sold in ‘coffee shops’ in Amsterdam. And you know what it’s called? G13 Mister Nice! God bless you Howard Marks and to Mark Emery the Prince of Pot, keep those strains stronger. The lies and the propaganda that Ganja today is ‘super up’ or has now gone ‘super strain’ is something I personally don’t buy, is Malaya, can’t get. Remember dealers determine the seasons. Anyways, Nature has a way of making these plants more potent because they are male and female, humans just lend the plant friends a helping hand, and made ‘buds’ like ‘white widow’ or ‘BC Bud’. Don’t worry Mexico you’ll get your cheques from the DEA and the American government but do pray for the countless innocent lives that are being lost even at this very moment in this so called “Drug War”. May they rest in peace.

The moment for judgement is fast approaching, on December 2012 and yet we (the human species) collectively can’t get to grasp the ‘truth’ form lies. Some documentaries have been made to show we could have an ‘Alien Invasion’ of a galactic kind. According to the ancient astronaut theorist and scientific experts, they (being the Aliens) will end up steeling and draining our Mother Earth’s resources. Knowing full well that earth is one of the only planets that have protein and plant matter in this whole universe, we, humans have waged ‘war’, a ‘war’ I tell you on the most important gift given by our creator for us, plants. How can humans justify that? How can they claim to be for mother earth, and come up with so call eco tech products which mind you have huge price tags too and end up having mad-mad man made laws to wipe out plants that are of mind, body and spiritual importance? As well as, mind expanding qualities that includes healing, holistically, physically and spiritually. How can we justify our (humans) cruelty on our Mother? No matter what faith or religious path one might be in, we (people) in our right frame of mind have “NO” right to wage war or to wipe out the “Divines” creations that exist on this Bumi which has to serve its purpose. So we think we’ll not be judged on that? The Mayans predict that 2012 is the end of their calendar and something big is bound to happen. In their scripture and painting it is shown that a crocodile pouring water from its mouth spelling the end of humanity as we know it. The Mayans are people who worked together with nature. There is this show called Ancient Aliens on History Channel, in that show they have even said that the Mayans believe that their Gods are not from this earth but from the stars but they have entrusted us to take care of it. Even for the Hindus, discovering the likes of the kingdom of the Hindu God Krishna call Darwaka which really does exist now puts a whole new meaning to belief and faith itself, in other words the Gods of the Hindu faith and the beliefs of other faiths are all real. Lord Shiva is real, where are they now? Are they returning? When? So many questions!!!

Now, in Hinduism, Maya means illusion and Ganga Ma (who’s the Mother of Water) rides on a crocodile. Coincidence? Now the most interesting part is that she (Ganga Ma, the mother of water) rest on..... Lord Shiva’s mattered hair. Who, for Hindus is One of the Greatest of Great Maha Gurus who also destroys and creates and whose favourite plant is Bhang/Ganja which humans are intentionally trying to spiral it (Ganja) out of existence. Tick talk, humans you talk too much, plus your time is ticking ever so slowly away. The time for “CHANGE” is fast approaching and we need to be that Change.

Even the President of the United States, Barack Obama is president today is because of Ganja, why one might ask? She (being Ganja) was part of the 60’s movement and where the lines between black and white were blurred. Where a joint (a rolled up marijuana stick in paper) was shared by people of different cultural and spiritual back grounds and where the colour of their skin were no different than their colour of their eyes. One can even say Ganja is the “hammer”’ to bring down the ‘walls of racisms’. Yet, President Barack Obama still waves on the prospect of legalizing Ganja and all plant matter that has been sinfully classified under the category of drugs. It was America that has to take that ‘bold, sincere, truthful and honest’ step because they are the ones who made it illegal for all of us through the world in the first place. Watch this documentary-movie called “Grass” and so many more documentaries made about Ganja but please also do watch this “Run from the Cure by Rick Simpson”. Ganja A Cancer Cure? It surely is. Do have an open mind and spirit when you watch and not forgetting Jack Herer, a veteran Hemp and Ganja activist, find for the Emperor Wears no Clothes (You might be able to find it{the titles mention} on ‘YOUTUBE’), God bless you Sir Jack Herer. Your insight into this plants uses have had an impact in making a new head way for how people look at this plant called Ganja and now Medical Marijuana is being slowly accepted but if you ask me a bit to slow don’t you think? You can take a pill of a shelf and pop it in your mouth but to accept a plant as therapeutic takes years! And we humans call ourselves an intelligent species?

So many thought in my head where do I find peace, after lighting a beauty (Ganja Joint) a friend of mine told me about this yoga class but it’s not in a gym. He said you will surely like this class, this teacher or shall I say “Guru” is the real McCoy. So I went to his class, this is in mind you, Malaya (Malaysia) and by golly, he’s the real deal. No doubt dress in normal yoga attire in hair tied up he’s the picture perfect image of Sri Shiva Shambo himself, he lighted up and smoked a copious amount of Ganja before the start of the class. Performing some special ritual and chanting in Sanskrit some hymns and letting out the Ganja smoke, my God, he’s a “TRUE Yogi”. Bends, Flexes, Stretches, Twist, you name it he does it. At that moment for once, I felt I finally found what I’ve been searching for. Answers to the “Truth” about Ganja and its importance to the Hindu belief and faith!!! So, I gathered up my courage after attending a few classes to ask the “Guru’s” for an interview. I told to the Guru that I was writing about Hinduism so I needed his insight on the topic. He kindly obliged. So without much ado, Friday came by and I went to the class. The Guru was there doing what he does best, being in his ‘Padmasana’ seated lotus yoga position being in a meditative state but yet when the moment I walked in, he opened his eyes and said, ‘Namaste, (said my name) jam was pretty bad, that red car should have pulled to the side if the tyres were out’. I was puzzled, how did he know when he was here at his class the whole time and had no classes earlier? Wow, I better get to the Interview and questioning.

Here is how the Interview with “Guru Ji” went

Me (The Writer): Namaste Guru Ji

Guru Ji: Namaste Beta (like the term, son), Kana Kalia?

Me: What? Sorry Guru Ji I didn’t get what you said.

Guru Ji: Kana Kalia means have you eaten in Hindi. Have you?

Me: Yes, yes I have Guru Ji, how about you Guru Ji, Kana Kalia?

Guru ji: Did have some Mal seeds earlier from some of ‘ Shambo Prasat’ which I received from some special people.

Me: Mal seeds and ‘Shambo Prasat’? What is that Guru Ji?

Guru Ji: Mal is how we call Ganja Ma between my fellow Saddhu Bai(I found out earlier that Bai means Brother in Hindi) and ‘Shambo Prasat’ is Lord Shiva’s Divine food which is Ganja Ma.

(With that said, suddenly Guru Ji pulled out a clay shaped cylindrical shaped tool and placed some greenish and some brownish hair like leafy substance into this object. The ‘Curious George’ in me had to ask)

Me: What the heck, I mean so sorry Guru Ji, what is that Guru ji?

Guru Ji: The greens are Mal and the brown leafs are some tobaccos.

Me: Not that the object in Guru Ji’s hand?

Guru Ji: Oh( laughs first), that Beta is a ‘chillum’.

Me: a ‘Chillum’? Guru Ji smoke Ganja and tobacco with that. Why?

Guru Ji: We consume Ganja Ma even though we burn this plant we look at it as consuming and not smoking, a ‘Yagna’ (fire sacrifice) a way Lord Shiva intended for his followers who had to go through this current time period called the Kali Yug (spiritual decline) due to the illegality and ‘man made law’ on Ganja Ma, we have no other choice. This is our Hindu rituals and rights.

(That being said, Guru Ji took a match after stuffing the ‘chillum’ and lit it with the match. After saying something in Sanskrit but I did here the name of Lord Shiva being mentioned by Guru Ji took a big puff of the ‘chillum’. Cupping it with his hands, drawing in a huge drag of Ganja smoke and holding it in for a few seconds then blowing it out in a huge cloud of Ganja smoke and saying something in Sanskrit again and this time I was clear I heard the name of “Lord Shiva” being mention. Then the unexpected happen. He passed the ‘chillum to me. No doubt yours truly has been around the block and ‘green fields’ but this is a whole new way and experience for me and even from the smoke in the class itself was having a tad effect on me, not complaining though. And so I oblige but for me Guru Ji told me to just hold it in my palms and pull it through the other end and what a pull it was. The effect was perfectly beautiful and for some strange feeling I felt ‘super calm and serene’. To be honest with you all, I felt like I was in SPIRITUAL India. The surroundings became so pleasant and I really felt so at peace. At that point I knew what I had to do I had to ask this question that has been in my mind for far too long, I’m in search of “TRUTH” and I had to ask from my Guru Ji himself. So I did.)

Me: Guru Ji, why is Ganja soooo important to Hindus? (Oh my God I finally said it, I finally did. Felt like a whole load of my chest)

Guru Ji: Beta, there is two sides to this question. One the ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTH’ and there is what people want to hear. Which one do you really seek?

Me: The ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTH’ I suppose.

Guru Ji: No, no suppose. I want you to truly want to know Beta. No suppose all. No-no.


Guru Ji: Ok but my explanation is long, you must understand once I start you can ask another question once I am done explaining. Can you or your ears stand to hear my talk for that long?

Me: I have been in questioning and in my toughs for far too long Guru Ji, I am more than honoured to hear the knowledge of ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTH’ that you are so gracefully bestowing upon me.

Guru Ji: Kia (What in Hindi) Beta.

Me: Yes Guru Ji, tell me.

Guru Ji: People believe that the world was created with a Big bang but is a lot more like a few Big bangs. For Hindus we look to the Vedas for guidance on how it all began and it is written in Sanskrit on ‘paya’ leafs which are kept where the origins of Hinduism is from. In the beginning people thought that Ganja has no Puran( Divine Vedic stories) but she does.

Her life began simple enough, in the beginning Brahman being the ultimate ‘light’, created three entities which were formless at first. Brama, Vishnu and Mahesh was created, but with Bumi still at its birth with no water on her surface Brahman sent Brama, Vishnu and Mahesh to try and make this molten planet liveable and to sustain life. Brama was given the gift for ‘creation’, Vishnu was to ‘sustain and balance’ what was created and Mahesh to destroy the creations that are not serving their purpose of existence. Remember, they are formless and these were the “Yugas”. Yuga (Devanāgari) in Hindu philosophy is the name given of an 'epoch', 'era' or ‘aeon’ within a cycle of four ages. They are the Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga, and the Kali Yuga. According to Hindu philosophy and cosmology, life in the universe is created, destroyed once every 4.1 to 8.2 billion years, which is one full day (day and night) for Brahman. The lifetime of Brahman ‘the omnipresent’ may be 311 trillion and 40 Billion years. The cycles are said to repeat like the seasons, winter, summer spring and autumn, waxing and waning within a greater time-cycle of creation and destruction of the universe. Like summer, spring, winter and autumn, each Yuga involves stages or gradual changes which the earth and the consciousness of mankind goes through as a whole new awakening. A complete Yuga cycle from a high called the Golden Age of enlightenment to a Dark Age and back again is said to be caused by The Omnipresent in motion to begin another cycle. So 200 over billion stars in our ever expanding Universe with life in each one of them so we as Hindus know that there are extraterrestrial life out there in the cosmos but then Brahman saw that Bumi shall be where the Divine shall dwell. Ganja only came during the age where Brama, Vishnu and Mahesh, and where the Divine Mother Ganga (Goddess of Water) had to cease her rains in the havens to be on the mattered hair of Lord Shiva who is also Mahesh. Scientist believe that life began on earth with the existence of water the only the ancestors of the first plant matter called Phytoplankton and Cynon bacteria. From a Hindu context, Ganga Ma created plants and for each Divine Gods and Goddess she(being Ganga Ma) had to make a plant for them, and them I mean all 330,000,000 million of them that have take form after the extinction of the dinosaurs during the Treta Yuga but even during the time of the dinosaurs, certain selected species like the snake, crocodile , tortoise, turtles in short certain land, air and water being were given a purpose to exists for the next Yuga. The crocodile for Ganga Ma’s, the turtle and tortoise favoured by Lord Vishnu, it will be put the test when the turtle will prove it’s worthiness in the churning of the oceans in the search for the items for the new Yuga and one of it is the “Amrita” (the nectar off Divinity) and even the snake will also prove it’s worthiness as Vasuki offering itself as the rope and who became Lord Shiva’s companion.

Everything the Divine created has a purpose to its existence and this is where now Ganja Ma will make her presence felt. During this Yuga is when Goddess Sati left the land and was reborn as Goddess Parvati and she became the loving wife and consort of Lord Shiva. During their wedding vowel Lord Shiva gave his all and proclaimed to his ‘True Love” Amma Parvati that with their marriage he’s half of her and she‘s half of him but just after their marriage Lord Shiva was called upon by the Devas for his help. He is also Nataraja the Lord of the Cosmos and his Cosmic Dance is the only thing that can restore balance and destroy the undesired. Lord Shiva is also the Lord of Yoga who is also called Maha Yogaraja a task given by Brahman to find the “True Conciseness” and do remember Lord Shiva is also Mahesh the Lord of destruction with is third eye open anger and death befalls the un Divine. But during this stage he can be Nataraja as well and so he was off to help the Devas. Goddess Parvati is now left alone just after marrying her ‘true love’. No doubt she has her sister Ganga for company but the absentness of her husband was hard to go by and so she prayed to Lord Brahman. She said, ‘Dear Lord what’s the point of me getting married with the “love of my life” and not having him by my side. He’s been called by the Devas and I for one know he‘s one being that will not say no to help during the churning of the sea the poison was drunk by my Love because for the sake of saving humanity. Where the tree he sat under during that moment where he kept the poison in his neck turned one of its roots into a Shiva Linga and where my Lord gain his name Neelekant(blue neck) Mahadeva and also where Nadi(Bull) became my Lord’s companion when Nadi noticed his mother saving my Lord’s life from the poison with the gift of ‘milk’. Nadi stood by and still stand by my Prem(Love), my Lord Shiva. My True Love, my Lord Shiva. Brahman my Lord, as a gift for my wedding to my husband Prabu Shiva, I’ll make the image of a boy out of sandalwood and turmeric paste as the image of my husband but with the Divine Love of his mother, grant him life so that he can be. I have my husband blessings because I’m his half when our wedding vowel was said. With that the wish of Amma Parvati in an instance became a reality and “Ganapaty” was to be, she hugged him so tightly and embraced him.

Time when on, Mother and son was all too happy waiting for the returned of Lord Shiva but Lord Shiva has no idea that Ganapaty is his son and do remember that during this time Ganapaty still has his human form and head. Goddess Parvati had to go and take a bath and bath time is also chitty- chatty time with Sister. As a measure, Ganapaty always keeps watch of the front of the house with him pacing it, and his mother told him do not let anyone in that includes anyone proclaiming to be your father or my husband. I will know if your father is back because I can feel but what Amma Parvati did not know is that when bath time your mind, body and spirit are at ease. For example, even today when one’s at their shower, who can hear their phones ring?

During this time Ganapaty was startled when a large figure of a man with mattered hair holding a trident and with snakes crawling on his arms and legs with ash smeared all over his body stood in front of the house. It was none other the Lord Shiva in his Nataraja state of mind and body with his third eye opened and here comes this little boy saying to him , ‘ holt, you are not allowed into this premise and you have ‘No’ authority to be here. Even if you claim that you are the husband of the Lady inside. Remember that Ganapaty has no Idea how his father really looks like and Lord Shiva in his Nataraja state can’t control the anger side and with that statement Ganapaty gave to lord Shiva the trident went flying towards the little boy’s head. At that moment, the sky’s turned dark and Goddess Parvati felt something very terrible just happened. She rushed from the bath area to the front of the house to only find to her horror her son’s head sheared off from his body by her own husband’s trident. Immediately, she changed into her form as Durga Amma and said to her husband, ‘What have you done? What have you done? What have you done? Claim to be my half is your half and your half is my half and yet you can’t even feel that the one you just took out is your own son? Are you really my husband? Lord Shiva was shocked, ‘What he said, that’s my boy, that my boy. Brahman my Lord, what have I done.’ Just then Durga Amma said to Lord Shiva you have to learn to control that anger of yours and you have to restore our son no matter what. If not it shall be war between the Gods and Goddess, see if any being has the heart to give them self to our son but you have to acquire their image and sprite by willingness not by force.

So Lord Shiva went in search for the essences of his son in any living being that was willing to give their life for his son, Ganapaty. The moment Lord Shiva set foot into the forest the animals scattered and the plants that Lord Shiva touched started to wither and dry. Remember that Lord Shiva is also the God of Destruction so anything he touches cease to exists. How is he going to even find any being that will even listen to what he has to say? The sky’s started to turned gray, thunder and lightning was the next to fill the atmosphere. Lord Shiva for the first time was extremely sad, he said to himself, how could I have done this to my own son, my anger is terrible and I’m nowhere close in understanding this thing called Yoga that Brahman asked me to master. Suddenly it started to rain and for the first time Lord Shiva’s third eye started to water, a tier started to slowly appear from it. Lightning and thunder started to grow even louder, for Lord Shiva it was the first time he felt this much of pain and sadness, even the passing of Shakti was not with this much of sorrow. Shakti was reborn as Parvati but how can Ganapaty be his son again when all creatures and living beings fear and run away from me? Lord Shiva thought to himself, and just then his tier from his third eye was almost to fall on earth. Just then, a mother elephant held his chin up as to prevent his tier from falling to the ground. If the tier were to fall the earth with all of its life will cease to existent for a million years because that tier is fill with anger and also sadness. The mother elephant asked Lord Shiva what happened and came to know of the predicament that this ‘Great’ Lord of Lords was in.

She said, ‘My Lord, you of all should not shed even a tier when this is what Brahman wanted to test you upon. You half and your wife half but “True Love” is more than say is what one Truly feels, Brahman wanted you my Lord to understand the Yogic way to life itself. Suddenly, the tiers from the third eye dropped to the ground but instead of destroying the earth it turned into a seed and a tree started to grow, it was a Rudrashk tree and hence Lord Shiva came to know as Lord Vriksanath (God of Plants). The mother elephant then said to Lord Shiva that he could have her son as to his but Lord Shiva knew that his wife would not belief that this incident had took place and plus, Lord Shiva can’t touch nor carry the little elephant because God of Destruction remember. So he brought mother and son elephant to Sonia Lanka (which today is called Sri Lanka) where his adobe is and where his wife is in wait for his returned. She accepted the little elephant and merged her son’s formless body and the being that is the baby elephant and hence “Ganesha” was born. Why is this story so important because most people know till this part but what happen to the mother elephant and how did Lord Shiva overcame his anger?

It is said in the Shiva Puran(Divine stories) that Lord Shiva returned to the place where the mother elephant gave her son to him. Lord Shiva felt that this place has a very powerful positive aura and if a mother could let go of her son to become my son that take a lot of love and compassion. This shall be the place where I shall learn to meditate and become a master of this thing called Yoga. So Lord Shiva sat under the tree where his tier grew a tree but surrounding it there were also many trees with beautiful and sweet smelling scent, do remember it rained before. Lord Shiva tried to concentrate on his meditation but to no avail. Every time he tried to close his eyes to get into a meditative state of mind his third eye just won’t close and he kept on thinking of the past and what action did he do to his son. Concentration was proving to be difficult, Ganga Ma who is resting on Lord Shiva’s mattered hair knew of this so earlier when it was raining she created a plant, not just a plant but a plant that is also to have her Lords image who has his wife Parvati as his half. A plant, in where it has male and female characteristic and also attributes but are two separate plants! A plant that will have a five lobe leaf with two little lobe of leafs representing the hands of humans and their nadi(veins) and with the male plant having balls of pollen sacks and flowers and the female having bud with bushy hairs. These plants were growing all around the Rudrashk tree. Bhang or Ganja was born. Lord Shiva being the God of Plants felt that the hunger was kicking in and there were these plants sounding him with sweet smell permeating from it. He grabbed a hand full of these plants and started to eat them and when the moment he touch them they( Ganja) stared to dry and Lord Shiva started to consume the plant. After a few handfuls of Ganja or Bhang plants, Lord Shiva started to noticed something strange that never or have not happened to him started to occur. His third eye started to twitch, the eye that is of destruction and anger started to move. Lord Shiva then started to consume even more of these plants called Bhang and his third eye started to close a little, so Lord Shiva taught to himself that now will be the best time for me to practice my yoga and to master my mind and toughs, to “meditate”. Lord Shiva started too concentrated and with Bhang he became Maha Guru Yogaraja, the Lord of Yoga, but one thing was forgotten that slip Lord Shiva’s mind. What could that be, hummm. Where is your father? Goddess Amma Parvati asked her son Lord Ganesha. He went to the place where he found you but has not returned since, so Goddess Parvati went to see what was going on and to her surprise she found her husband seated in his Padmasana pose and in deep meditation. She too went and joins her Lord in practicing the ‘Art of Yoga’. She became the first student of Yoga taught by her own husband the Lord of Yoga himself Lord Shiva and soon after there were people who became followers of Lord Shiva who sat around the Lord learning his wisdom about Yoga.

Goddess Amma Parvati then realised that her son is back home and here she is with her husband consuming Bhang and being in their Yogic state of mind and expanding conciseness but forgot about her son but Lord Ganesha by that time had become a grown boy so he was fine by himself taking care of the house. So Goddess Amma Parvati plucked a certain amount of Bhang plants male and female alike and went back home during the time her Husband was in conversation with his followers who became rishies, saddhus, babas and yogis and devout followers of Lord Shiva’s teachings. So Goddess Amma Parvati reached home and explained the puran(story) to her son, she felt that her husband needs to consume his favourite plant in a way that would fit her Lord. As a drink, that she along with her son will create for Lord Shiva that shall be called Bhang Lassie.

As like the previous article I (the writer) wrote before this, I would like to say that this is my personal and spiritual journey in search for the TRUTH. Coming to know from what my Guru Ji said that aliens are mention in the Hindu Vedas where they (meaning beings from other solar systems) came to Bumi in their Vimanas, I feel is far too much for me to divulge. So, I’ll compose it down for you (the people). The 1960 was a great moment because there was a new way people started to look at things a bit more differently. Rather than just seeing something, they the people of that generation felt what they saw was and it was in a whole new light because of a mind expanding drug called LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide). The main base of the ingredient that was sanitized by the Father who invented or in this case discovered it, Professor Albert Hofmann who is a brilliant chemist found the natural property called ‘Psilocybin’. Even he said and mentions that, “Mother nature always is the safest way to go”.

Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote Cactus, San Pedro Cactus, Opium, Cannabis, Ganja, Marijuana or any name that we as people have given it except realising that they are plants on the whole. Who gave us the right to deem certain plants illegal and which had the right to existence? If you are of any faith let it be of the Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jewish’s, Hindu or of any other faith or belief, no faith or religion in their right mind will ever ask it’s followers to wipe out plants which are placed on this planet by the Divine Gods or Omnipresent Power that exist for her oxygen breathing inhabitants who I for one do believe still do have a concision. Think people, I do understand ‘yeah drugs’ are no good so you may think but then I asked a person if drugs are so bad if you were to meet with an accident and the situation seems to be a bit critical. Let’s just say your legs needs to be put back together and you could be safe, I would like to see that person not take the morphine that the surgeon has to induce on you in order to make the operation a “painless” procedure. Morphine comes from Opium by morphine in a right persons hand can work wonders and opium in someone’s garden just makes the place more beautiful and pretty. Plus you have an instant natural pain relief in your garden just in case one of your family members have a ‘serious’ accident at home and the ambulance is on the way but is a bit stuck in traffic and it might take an hour or two. Try keeping yourself calm and by doing so getting your family members finger sown back safely is what’s important.

Here is what can be, the Ganja in the garden has been made into cookies and you have one or two but this is after you have made the emergency call. Give your family member some natural opium extracts from your garden cause that will keep your family member calm from the pain. Put the finger on ice and in a clean bag and place in freezer. Wait for help to arrive and trust me all will turn out “OK”. You know why you have Mother Nature to thank because you chose her side to be on.

People-people-people, Ganja is a plant and so is all the others from mushrooms to cactus they are all plants but what made them illegal? Humans. We claim superiority towards our Mother Earth and her inhabitants that we with all of our hypocrisy, going to a church, mosque or temple doing your prayers and clamming to be one with God but as soon as prayers is done curse the person in the parking lot for being too slow. Why, can’t wait to get back home and watch your Sunday football match on TV? And have wine or beers which are brewed by men and claim that they are all right, and yet there was a time when even alcohol or liquor was prohibited in America. The Prohibitions Years, which gave birth to mobster, crime and bootlegging. Just imagine this scene where that during this time there was this guy who wanted to make liquor and alcohol be banned and so to the ingredients liquor or alcohol are made from such as rye, wheat, barley, yeast grapes or apples just to name a few. So he goes and gets a stamp act to be passed by Congress and the act says that: who ever has to grow or plant any of these plants such as apples, grapes, all kinds of wheat and barley and even sugar cane and coconuts have to acquire a ‘stamps’ from the Treasury Department because these items can be brewed into liquor or alcoholic substances. Oh yeah, and that includes rice to. Mind you this is in America and during the 30’s and a what if scenario. Anyways, the Treasury Department did not give out any ‘stamps’ thus making all those items mention in the above illegal. This guy who is Henry J Anslinger then goes to the United Nations American base in New York in the 50’s and ask all member nations to sign on to this ‘Trite’ or ‘Contract’ and they will be rewarded with money to so call combat the ‘war on Liquor & Alcohol’ manufacturing, and almost all member nations join because of greed and corruption of their mind, body and sprite. Then after the 60’s Revolution ‘Flower Power’ but in this scope “ The Padi(Rice) Fields Power”, in the 70’s Richard Nixon funded total ‘War On Liquor & Alcohol’ and also to arrest and impose stiffer penalties for those who not only use but who grows and consume the plants that make liquor and alcohol as well.

Now, can you as concise living and breathing humans grasp the scale of this scenario? Padi fields, wheat fields, grapes vineyard and apple orchards will be all completely wiped out. Anyone caught with a bowl of rice or a bag of sugar canes or even an apple will be thrown in jail for a few years. And now in my county Malaya and this is during the 80’s already when Dr. Mahatir was prime minister, people caught with any of the plant substances this includes rice will be given the ‘death penalty’ cause this items can be brewed into Liquor and Alcoholic substance. And Jon Lennon would have sung; ‘Imagine there’s no Rice, its hard and painful, Imagine there’s No Wheat, No more Pizza and Spaghetti too.’ No Nasi Lemak(a Malaysian delicacy)

It would have been ridiculous but the sad-sad-sad ‘truth’ is that Ganja and all of her ‘mind expanding’ relatives were and are sadly categorized as ‘drugs’ which are made and or produced in drug labs but they being plants which are created by the “Divine” for all humans to consume are deemed illegal to even exist. Consume them wisely and be devout and ‘true’ to your faith and beliefs, use it (Plant that also includes Ganja) during your spiritual and religious practice. To all the devout Christians and Muslims who say ‘no to the consumption of Cannabis or Ganja, I say to you this, Christ and prophet Mohammad did say have faith with me and I’m all you need, but yet the devout do eat apples, grapes, rice and wheat but why not Ganja. Ganja is by far the least of the problem for the Christians, why, simple. Church of Scientology! Technology and science replacing the teachings of a ‘true’ prophet’ like Jesus and you got issues about Ganja which the Lord crated? If Ganja or Cannabis was so evil from the Christians point of view, here is a mind bender. Then answer me this, didn’t Noah who had to prepare for the ‘great floods’ was commanded by God to take every living being in two’s upon his vessel and seed of plants to prepare for the new world. Noah also picked Ganja because there would be no cannabis today after the ‘great flood’ now would it? Plus Jesus did not walk around with a bible spreading peace and love, he was with his staff (walking sick) using a Ganja base ointment to healing and baptise his followers. Ganja was the same quality and tone as to what Jesus Christ message was about, peace and love, sounds familiar, the 60’s. Think people, someone once asked me why you smoke because the so called “experts(work for money based propaganda)” claim that cannabis smoke is not good for health (but recent studies by leading medical experts in this field have claim otherwise). So I told to this person then “let us Grow”, then I can drink my favourite Bhang Lassie, make cookies and brownies but mainly to use it in my faith and spiritual practice by ingesting it and as offerings to my Divine Lord, I would not have to smoke it if I had to grow it because remember I did mention earlier in my writings on how do we receive our Ganja in Malaya. About the stigma of smoking Ganja, well cigarettes and tobacco companies and lobbyist have way expose that ‘Pandora’s box’ long ago.

People just look at history, when Ganja was free and legal there were no terrorism of any religious ideology during those times and even the Churches were righteous and truthful. Once Ganja and all of her plant relatives which have ‘mind expanding properties’ were categorized under the label of ‘drugs’, most of this religions started to try to wipe out their(being mind expanding plants) existence for their religious and spiritual practices. Religious intolerances became more lethal. Money is greed’s best friend. Eastern has always be with nature and the West has been about commerce and wealth (material wealth to be precise) but at what cost. Bringing back Ganja seeds from the ‘new found worlds’ (in this case was the East India Company who brought the seeds from Sri Lanka) by the early explores to the Far East only to come back later with the guise of ‘democracy’ and end up dictating what faith you must follow and outlawing our “Divine Belief In Plants” with your ‘man made laws’. Laws of Karma is far more ‘superior’ to laws of man and if man has waged a ‘war’ on Ganja they have practically waged ‘war’ on Lord Shiva who is also the Lord of Destruction and by that means all of the other ‘faiths’ and ‘beliefs’ who practices ‘peace, love & respect’ to Nature the ‘Divines’ creations. In other words, declaring ‘war’ on Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Jewish’s, Buddhism, Daoism, Shinto’s, Shamanistic belief and rituals, these includes from the Indigenous tribes and people from the Americas to the African Sahara to the Maori of New Zealand to the Yogis, Babas and Saddhus of India, ‘people what good is war on our humanity’? For India to not make so far any stand for Ganja is because of corruption. Don’t belief me, see even a Yoga Guru like Baba Ram Dev the famous television yoga teacher who is also a friend and Bai Yah to my Guru Ji had to go on a hunger strike to highlight the matter but was beaten down by fellow Hindu Indian who were sent by the Indian government. Now we have another guy taking on the government in the footsteps of Baba Ram Dev and the Father of India itself Mahatma Gandhi who stood fast in Aimsa a Yogic principle for non violence to achieve ‘freedom’ for India. Greed and corruption is of no interest where the Divine is concern, Karma will be the judge for them. Just because we are of different colour and belief, there is this one thing that does connect us all and that is the belief in the ‘Divine’ and its creations. They are plants and now is the moment that we stand tall and stand up for this “Divine Green” presence that’s on this Bumi(Earth) that has been taken for granted for far-far too long by its human inhabitant but they can’t be blame because there are those who intentionally make those ‘man made laws’ in order to prevent the masses from realising the ‘truth’. That within every human being they have the ‘Shakti’(power) to awaken the “Divine” that’s within them but the plant that which is “God Given” Ganja and all of her plant relatives which have ‘mind expanding properties’ is sadly being wiped out by ‘laws of man’. Trust me when I say this that “Mother Nature’s Law” will have a very-very “Truthful” answer for all that have waged war on “Truth” and for those who don’t trust in what’s “Divine”. The Laws of “Karma” will rain on humanity and the ‘believers’ will rise to the “Truth”.

It is already here, the year that have most people talking, what is going to happen? An Awakening. An awakening to the “TRUTH” that this world that we call mother can no longer stand our destructive way. Just think for one second, if all the school goers and university graduates to become doctors, lawyers, architect, entrepreneurs and business mindedness, they be all craving for more material wealth and work materials to like paper or lap tops and printers. Who would want to be a farmer? Now where are all these materials coming from? Earth, people, earth and we are ever more likely to be the cause for her destruction. Where is your food going to be coming from? Corporate food industries! We so can plant and farm, don’t we need our local farmers to keep the money garbing corporations at bay? We don’t feel any more deeply for our Mother Earth or Bumi because the plants that did helped us to keep our faith strong and alive, are slowly being exterminated by man and why I say man simple because no woman in their right frame of mind would have drafted laws on plants that can be grown on one’s own gardens. Plants, oh my glorious and Divine Plants, I’ve tried to let these fellow human brothers and sisters of mine to wake up in you direction and to show them Natures Way because they just don’t understand that Nature and The Divine which is ‘supreme’ “TRUTH” will triumph over the evil that humans have drawn themselves into. Plant my fellow ‘humans’, plant the seeds of hope that in which man have claim illegal Ganja and all of her ‘mind expanding’ relatives plant them in the light of the Divine, the Omnipresent, the Great Creator before the time of Maya draws to a near. For Hindus stand up for your ‘faith’ because your beliefs are a ‘way of life’ and do remember that this is Lord Shiva’s favourite plant and if you are in Malaya or Malaysia you can search for the Yoga Guru that I found that helped me on my journey. One true scenario that I do see when Ganja and her relatives are finally respected and placed in their rightful place on this Bumi(Planet Earth), for the Leaders of the world I say to you this; right now the level of oxygen on a global scale is somewhere around 35% to 20% and the rest of the composition of the air in the atmosphere is filled with Nitrogen, Methane and other gasses. Imagine when the news that Ganja is now legal and every citizen around the world had the right to grow as many ‘plants’ as they wanted but if they wanted to grow for an industrial scale because cannabis or Ganja is also Hemp and it’s fibres can be used for so many things, the growers had to get the courts to grant the police protection from jealous competition. Wouldn’t that be ironic? But just think, for a minute, imagine half of the earth’s population stared to grow 10 plants each because these are the advocates and the hardcore supporters of this “God Given Plant”, and the other 15% started to grow for industries and medical purpose and 10% of the population started to grow at least 3 plants each out of curiosity and the rest of the 25% of humanity as usual don’t care and still don’t care for the planet.

Anyways, now in three to four months billions of Ganja plants will be growing and in budding session, the plants will be at its full maturity. Some of the growers of Ganja will be smoking it but for most people they would be eating it cause Ganja being a plant and can be ingested, people will choose to eat it, more nourishing. The coolest part is that the smell of the air will for sure will be super-super sweet it’s not because of the Ganja people won the ‘closed minded and heartless people’ but Ganja has a naturally sweet smell and now, I would like to ask the experts who measures the oxygen level in the earth’s atmosphere. To see for themselves and to measure the measurements of the level of oxygen when Ganja Ma and Aya is at their fullest of bloom and with that many people planting and turning on a ‘truly green thumb.’ Consuming Ganja will ‘truly’ make a person feel good and happy naturally, why should being happy and feeling good naturally be deem illegal? Ridicules and for a species that has brain and know what feelings and emotions are, must we as a human species fall material illusion? For even our astronauts who venture into space need oxygen tanks and oxygen is provided none other than these algae which NASA grows at one of their facilities. They even eat the algae as food, an alga which is of the plant species helping humans explore space and beyond. How we repay them? Even technological advancement can’t be without nature but too much technology has made our species as humans a pretty destructive lot towards nature. Technology must be used with respect and with purpose, and not to be over indulged in. You know what ‘truly’ make us special as a human species? As we know to date; Plants provides oxygen that’s in the Bumi or Mother Earth atmosphere which is for her breathing inhabitants and they use it to keep them alive but only humans know it’s called oxygen and it comes from ‘plants’ and Ganja is a Divine Plant. Humans let your Mind expand with Nature because Nature is what The Omnipresent or the Divine Lord has blessed us with and we really need to protect and stand up for what’s right. Plants are the most rightful and legal residents on this Bumi or Earth, we as humans should be humbled and learn from this Great Green Gurus or Teachers and also from the Divine Green Goddess Ganja Ma herself because that’ part of life. Most importantly, “It’s a Way of Life”. “TRUTH & THE DIVINE IS IN NATURE, CONECT WITH NATURE AND BE TRUTHFUL TO THE DIVINE”. “AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH OF CONCISENESS, CHILDREN OF EARTH”


Yours Truly;
T.A.R. Vijaya @ The Patriot

PS: Ganja Ma is Lord Shiva & Amma Parvati’s Plant, Ganja Ma is Lord Shiva & Amma Parvati’s Plant, Ganja Ma is Lord Shiva & Amma Parvati’s Plant. People-people, the oldest civilisations like Hinduism who have Ayuveda as their medical scriptures and the Chinese who have their Traditional Medical scripts and even Greeks all have stated that Ganja or Bhang, Tai Ma (in Chinese) and Cannabis is a medicine by the God’s and a ‘gift to humanity’, in a more holistic and spiritual way it is a plant when consume by one brings the user closer to their faith. The Ying and Yang of life is at balance. As my Yoga Guru or Teacher taught me Mata, Pita, Guru & Deva, always pay respect and love to your Mother , Father, your teachers and even a seed can be your teacher because it can become into tree and prove and teach you something new and Divine. “Prana(Breathing)” , remember to breathe and do your Prana well and proper as the Yogis’, do your Suria Namaskar(Sun Salutation) to feel like how the plants go through their process of rising to the Sun. Yoga is also about humbleness within you and nature and Mother Nature’s most important inhabitants since Yugas(the dawn of time way before the Dinosaurs) plants, they are her gifts to her breathing inhabitants and Ganja is the “Key” between Mind, Body and Sprite. Men or people who look for profit claim medication in a pill (drugs) is more proper and booze (liquor and alcohol) is ok and acceptable but consuming what the Omnipresent has placed on this Bumi(Earth) as illegal is totally unacceptable statement. You (you know who you are the unrighteous ones who keep on leading their citizens and people to ‘lies and deception’ politician who are pollution to Mother Earth and leaders of their respective countries) Yes, ‘You’, you have waged war on Allah’s and the Almighty Divine Lords creations, “God sent Plants”. People of this Bumi(Earth) the “Power Is In You to Bring Change”, our purpose of existence is being question. Do Humans deserve the ‘right’ to exist at all when Humans have basically declared “war” on the Omnipresent itself? “The DIVINE LORD”

On a Final Note: Due to the state in how Ganja is view in my country with ‘man made laws’ such as the ‘death penalty’, and how we Ganja consumers have to attain our ‘buds’ by and through drug dealers but I call them providers, I have decided to grow not just for me but also for my Guru Ji, now it is more to me like a matter of my Belief and Faith. I’ve now three new three feet high young plants, six matured girls and nine just planted seedlings and from my recent harvest almost a kilo. I’ve just put a handful of my harvest of Ganja at my prayer alter and have got a 108grams packed for my Guru and I’ve made for him my special secret(not so secret anymore) ‘homemade’ Bhang Lassie. Got everything packed and now I’m off for my yoga class, do wish me a safe journey ahead. Remember road blocks! You know what’s funny; Body Shop Malaysia now sells Hemp products which clearly state what the main ingredient in their product is; Cannabis sativa but I call it Ganja. How hypocritical our government can be, for money and economic they can approve but for belief and faith they sentence. Notice corruption people. Anyways, I just hope my Guru would be happy with the Shiva Prasat that I am bringing for him which I’ve grown on my own and the “TRUTH” which it brings. Jai Bhang Bolanath, Jai Bhang Bolanath, Jai Bhang Bolanath.

Attention: What if I told to you and to all who claim to be called authorities that I know of all the TOP and I do mean TOP ‘drug’ creators, makers and producers. The so called ‘drug warriors’ who work for the DEA or they who stand by the UN Drug Policy you people must be really interested in this information. No doubt you claim to go after the ‘big fish’ but users are incarcerated as well. Going after the meth drugs makers will just leave a void and another of their drug rival will fill the void. That’s what’s happening in this so called ‘drug war’ you the ‘ones ‘who wishes to see lives and families being destroyed not by the substances but by the ‘law which man’ who crave greed and the blood of innocents be spilled. Yes you. For the ‘drug warriors’ and the relevant authorities who feel that they need to go on with this war, well then I sincerely dare you all to go “ALL OUT” after these “main drug producers’ who produce ‘really-really’ powerful ‘mind expanding’ drugs such as Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote Cactus, San Pedro Cactus, Opium, Cannabis, Ganja, Marijuana, just to name a few. Anyways, here is the list of the ‘Most Wanted’ for you:

“ The Most WANTED Drug Producers and Pushers LIST”

The Provider (Pusher) : The Maker (Producer)
Jesus Christ - The all Might Lord/ Mother Mary
Prophet Muhammad - Allah
Moses - Abraham
Goddess of Mercy - Daoism
Buddha - Buddhism
Mysticism & Spirituality - The Earth
(indigenous cultures)
Lord Brama, Lord Vishnu, - Brahman (Cosmic Divine Conciseness)
Lord Shiva & 330, 000, 000
Million God & Goddess

Well, there you have it. They are “ The Most WANTED Drug Producers and Pushers“ in History, humans have been at war with them for awhile now, doing as much as they(humans) can to exterminate their(Divine/God) creation and production of there “ Drugs”(remember people, you are the ones that gave it this label and waged war). You know what the best part is; you (humans) didn’t give them (Divine/God) a chance to defend themselves. Trust me when I say this, their (Divine/God) moment to stand up and defend what’s ‘truthful’ and ‘rightful’ is approaching soon, their Reply. Plant the seed of ‘truth’ when you know it’s the right thing to do. Set her ‘FREE’, Jai Bhang Ganja, Jai Bhang Ganja, Jai Bhang Ganja.